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Etusivu / / Fenix ​​BC30 V2 bike lamp

Fenix ​​BC30 V2 bike lamp

Fenix ​​BC30 V2 bike lamp

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The Fenix ​​BC30 V2 is a very high-quality lamp to attach to the handlebars, and it fits both bikes, kickbikes and sleds!

NOTE! The product contains only the lamp. Get the charger and batteries separately.

The Fenix ​​BC30 V2.0 bike light sets yet another standard for headlights belonging to the elite series of the market. With the BC30 V2.0, you can drive safely at all times of the day, from daylight to driving in the dark. The lowest output of the lamp can be used as a useful daytime running light. The compact and powerful Fenix ​​BC30 V2.0 produces an efficient maximum light output of 2200 lumens and a range of 187 meters.

Without Dual Lens, the BC30 would be just a light. Thanks to Dual Lens double focusing optics, the lamp produces a consistent 40% more efficient lighting pattern, which is clearly ahead of its competitors.

40% more efficient Dual Lens optics

Fenix's award-winning and patented Dual Lens double focusing optics, combined with two efficient SST-40 LED bulbs, produces a consistent up to 40% more efficient lighting pattern compared to competitors. With the help of double focusing optics, the light can be directed most efficiently exactly where it is most needed - simultaneously near and far without the light being unnecessarily directed into the sky or the eyes of oncoming traffic. The optic is also excellent when used as a daytime running light because it does not blind road users.

The tone of the BC30 V2.0 LED light is also optimized to preserve the colors of the object almost unchanged and to distinguish the terrain in even more detail in all weather conditions.

Daytime running lights

With the Fenix ​​BC30 V2.0 front light, you can reliably drive at all times of the day, from daytime running light to an efficiently illuminating dark driving light. Dual Lens double-focused optics, long range and highly efficient flashing pattern are visible from a long distance during the day. These three important daylight features clearly distinguish the Fenix ​​BC30 V2.0 daylight from its competitors.

Wireless remote switch

The BC30 V2.0 headlight can be used with the supplied wireless remote control switch. All brightness modes and Burst power mode of the luminaire are available from the remote switch. The remote switch is especially handy when the light is used in a helmet! In addition to the remote control switch, the lamp can also be operated from the push button switch located on the frame (Burst power mode is not used).

Optimal lighting angle

Thanks to the adjustable and composite quick-release, it is easy to attach firmly to the handlebars of all bikes. The bracket allows the lamp to be directed to the desired lighting angle vertically and horizontally (30 degrees).

Replaceable environmentally friendly batteries

The Fenix ​​BC30 V2.0 uses two rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries (sold separately). It can also be used with four CR123A batteries if needed. The battery case is easy to remove from the lamp. The lamp has a low battery voltage indicator that changes the push button of the operating switch from green to flashing red, indicating the need to change or charge the batteries.

Headlight for the demanding enthusiast

Fenix ​​BC30 V2.0 is a durable, ultra-efficient and long-lasting headlight designed for demanding enthusiasts for use at all times of the day, from daylight to driving in the dark. Suitable for city cycling, commuting cycling, road cycling, mountain cycling, Cyclecross.

Product information

  • The constant intensity circuit maintains the brightness longer.
  • 2 x high-efficiency SST-40 LED bulbs, good color visibility and an eye-pleasing light color tone that improves accuracy, distance and distinguishing details in the dark.
  • Designed to be visible during the day (daytime running light) and at night (dual focus optics, flashing light, range).
  • Dual Lens double focusing optics efficiently illuminates roads and paths of all widths.
  • Burst turbo mode (2200 lm, 30 sec) from a wireless remote switch.
  • Low battery voltage indicator function - current indicator color changes to green, orange, red and flashing red to indicate the need to replace/charge the battery.
  • Quick-release adjustable handlebar clamp.
  • 30-degree adjustment laterally and freely vertically.
  • Fits fits 25.4-35.0mm handlebars.
  • Compatible with Fenix ​​ALD-08 bicycle helmet mount.
  • NOTE! Power sources and charger to be purchased separately. We recommend the Fenix ​​ARB-L3500 rechargeable batteries and the fast Fenix ​​ARE-D2 charger.
  • The package includes BC30 V2.0 bike light, quick-lock handlebar clamp, CR1632 battery (remote switch), wireless remote control switch, rubber handlebar clamp spacers (thin and thick), replaceable O-ring seal and user manual.

Technical information

Light output (max) 2200 lumens (Burst)
Operating time (max) 50 hours (Eco mode)
Range (max) 187 meters
Impact resistance 1 meter
Water tightness IP67
Operating modes 5 pcs
Operating mode Burst 2200 lumens/-
187 meters/8792 candelas
Operating mode high 1500 lumens/2.3 hours
155 meters/5913 candelas
Operating mode medium 600 lumens/6 hours
96 meters/2320 candelas
Operating mode low 200 lumens/16 hours
56 meters/780 candelas
Operating mode eco 50 lumens/50 hours
28 meters/196 candelas
Flashing light 600/50 lumens
Dimensions 120 x 50 x 31.8 mm
Weight 154 g (without battery)
Power source 2x18650/4xCR123A
Approvals ANSI/NEMA FL-1, ROHS, CE
Warranty 5 years
Delivery content BC30 V2.0 bike lamp x 1, quick lock/detach handlebar mount x 1, CR1632 battery for remote switch x 1, handlebar mount rubber seal/spacers (thin and thick) x 1, wireless remote switch x 1, replaceable O-ring seal x 1, user manual.
Manual User manual (Finnish)

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