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Etusivu / / Fenix ​​BC30R V2 bike light

Fenix ​​BC30R V2 bike light

Fenix ​​BC30R V2 bike light

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Fenix ​​BC30R V2 offers power, long operating time and excellent light pattern even for the demanding cycling or dog sledding enthusiast.

The BC30R is the first rechargeable bike light with an OLED display that shows the remaining usage time in hours and minutes. So you know exactly how much battery usage time is left at each power setting.

The BC30R V2 bicycle lamp has two neutral white LED bulbs for efficient lighting, which produce a wide light pattern that can reach up to 161 meters. The lamp is also suitable as a daytime running light when used at low power. Two Dual Distance LED bulbs illuminate efficiently with up to 1800 lm of light (Burst mode).

With Fenix's patented double lens optics, the BC30R V2 produces up to 40% brighter light beam compared to similar other bike lamps. With the double lens, light can be efficiently directed exactly where it is most needed - simultaneously near and far without directing wasted light into the sky or the eyes of oncoming traffic! With an efficient and wide neutral white light that illuminates up to 161 meters, you can drive safely even in the most difficult driving conditions, such as rain or fog. The BC30R lamp uses a new generation (Cree MX-L2 U2) neutral white LED bulb (2 pcs), which produces a very high-quality light pattern that is good for all distances. BC30R is also suitable for daytime running lights.

The BC30R V2 bike light has five light outputs and one warning flash function. The lamp's remote switch can be used to quickly activate the so-called Burst mode, which produces a peak power mode of 1800 lumens and a light beam that can reach 161 meters!

The BC30R V2 bicycle lamp is easy to charge directly from the micro-USB charging port. The lamp has a built-in 5200 mAh battery. The OLED display of the lamp intuitively shows the remaining operating time in the selected brightness mode. In addition, the lamp indicates the need for charging with a red indicator light.

BC30R V2 is an excellent option for hobbyists and active people who appreciate the information about the remaining usage time provided by the OLED display of the light, excellent lighting performance and the ease of use and long operating time brought by charging.

Features of the Fenix ​​BC30R V2 light

  • OLED display that indicates the remaining operating time in the selected brightness mode
  • The constant intensity circuit maintains the brightness longer
  • 2 x neutral white LED bulbs (Cree XM-L2) - improves accuracy, distance and surface shapes in the dark
  • Burst maximum light mode producing 1800 lumens
  • Double lens optics - illuminates effectively from near to far without dark shadow areas
  • Rechargeable 5200 mAh/3.7V rechargeable battery with Micro-USB charging port - effortless and easy to use
  • Remote control switch
  • Low battery voltage indicator function - the light indicator changes from green to red to indicate the need to charge
  • Fits all handlebars
  • 30-degree sideways and up/down turning lighting part - can be easily adjusted to the desired lighting direction
  • Package includes: BC30R V2 bike light x 1, built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery x 1, bike bar mount x 1, remote control switch x 1, micro USB cable x 1, bike bar rubber clamps (thin and thick model) x 1, user manual

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