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Maintenance of dog equipment

When exercising with dogs, you can't avoid equipment getting dirty and worn out. However, with a little effort, you can ensure that your equipment will last longer and be pleasant to use again and again.


It's harder to be in clean and odor-free equipment, but dirt and sand also wear out equipment prematurely. Sandy locks can get stuck and muddy harnesses can chafe the dog's skin. So remember regular cleaning!

  • Clean the worst stains, for example, from sled dog equipment immediately after use by shaking/brushing/rinsing them.
  • Always check the manufacturer's washing instructions first.
  • You can wash most harnesses, jackets and slippers normally in the washing machine at a temperature of 30°C. Avoid high spin speeds and tumble drying. If you are unsure and cannot find the manufacturer's washing recommendation, hand washing is always the safest choice.
  • Use a laundry bag with smaller items and accessories with buckles or metal parts.
  • Dry thoroughly.


Regularly check the condition of the equipment: are the belts frayed and does everything work as it should? Fix the fault or get a new one in time, before the damage happens in the wrong place!

  • Before every Run, check the condition of the cloths and the dog's equipment for fraying and wear. Pay particular attention to attachment points prone to abrasion, e.g. locks and wheel antenna.
  • Check the locks and buckles for breaks and looseness. They must lock firmly and without jabbing. They are often replaceable and spare parts are also available - replace if necessary.
  • The condition of the adhesive tapes and tape loops? If, for example, the end of the Velcro shows signs of fraying, cut it with a new clean cutting surface and burn it off. This is how you stop fraying in time!


Is there a place for everything, where you know you can always find the equipment, even in the rush of everyday life? For example, it's handy to have sled dog equipment in your own equipment bag, quick to grab but separate from your everyday gear.

  • It's raining and dark outside, but should you go for a run? Make everyday life easier and keep equipment quickly available - you save time and nerves when you can find the right equipment right away!
  • Only allow the dog to pull in pulling equipment. When returning to and from the training place, leash the dog in a casual collar or harness, the pulling equipment can be conveniently carried in a backpack or bag.
  • Keep the equipment clean, dry and airy.
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