Dog trails on the map

Tracks allowed for skijoring in Finland

skijoring is only allowed on specially designated slopes or slopes for skijoring, e.g. on certain evenings of the week. As a general rule, skiing with a dog is prohibited on public maintained slopes. Always find out the permitted track sections/times in advance before going to the track. It is usually allowed to ski without a dog on the dog ski slope. 

On the map below, you can find trails and trail turns that are allowed for skijoring. On some slopes, skijoring is always allowed, and on others, the times allowed for skijoring are indicated. See more information below the track and, if necessary, on the website of the municipality that maintains the track.

Up-to-dateness of the map

We will update the map as needed. If you notice a trail or ski pass missing from the map, you can leave us a message using the form found after the map. If you see a track on the map where skijoring is no longer allowed, please report that too. Thanks for help! has compiled the list, but is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Up-to-date track information can be found on the municipalities' websites.

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