The Traildog Story

Traildog is an active outdoor person's best friend!

Traildog was born from our desire to encourage people to move in nature with their dogs.

In everyday life, we meet a lot of dogs and dog owners, whose territory is mostly limited to the very corners of the house. There are many reasons: procrastination, breaking into familiar routines, not being used to moving in nature, the timidity of going into unknown terrain alone and the feeling that one's skills or equipment are not sufficient. Many haven't even thought about all the activities you could take your dog with!

Our goal is to lower the threshold for starting camping and/or sledding sports by offering both functional equipment and information about the sports and the skills and suitable equipment needed for them.

Moving together and getting to know new places together gives both the dog owner and the dog a lot! New experiences and cooperation strengthen the relationship and thus also make everyday life more comfortable. So feel free to go where the muzzle takes you!

  • Online - near you!

    We mainly operate online, but with the help of a multi-channel service, we aim to serve our customers at least as well as in a physical store - or rather better! Our operations are based on truly expert and personal customer service.

    So feel free to get in touch, and we'll help you find the equipment that suits you and your dog's needs.

  • Carefully selected, the best selection in the industry

    You will find functional and high-quality products - whether you are a beginner or a world champion! When you shop at Traildog, you can be sure that the products in our selection are durable and proven to work.

    Our store has several brands and equipment that you can't find anywhere else in Finland or even in Europe. And our selection is constantly expanding with the best products on the market.

Who are behind Traildog?

Traildog - iloa koiran kanssa ulkoilusta


has been a dog owner for over twenty years. Interest in high-speed sled sports arose 15 years ago, and soon a GSP found it's way in the house. Personal experience in e.g. canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, scooter and also kicksleds.

Other than sled dog sports, Tuija's hobbies include hiking, skiing and mountain biking: usually together with a dog. Tuija's best memories in life include the group singing of 200 huskies at an evening campfire after a 300-kilometer sled dog expedition, and skiing down the Russelfjellet mountain in Norway with her own dog blowing powder snow next to her skis.

In addition to his own strong hobby background, Tuija has gathered professional skills by working for years in the field of sales of camping and sled sports equipment. Strong expertise has been shaped into dog harnesses through several hundred harness fittings.

Tuija's genuine interest in trying and comparing different sports equipment is based on the desire to find equipment that works and is as safe as possible for her own dogs. Through Traildog, this know-how has been harnessed for the benefit of you and your dog as well!


is an adventurous dog owner who thinks you can climb a tree with your dog! Tero also has more than 10 years of hobby experience in one-dog pulling sports, in addition to which he specializes in mountain biking. So ask almost anything related to bikes: here is the answer!

One of Tero's fondest memories is randonnee skiing in the backcountry of Lapland with an almost 40-kilo dog on his shoulders, when too deep snow made walking impossible for the dog.

Tero is a critical equipment tester who comes up with an improvement proposal for almost every product. Functionality and ruggedness are key.

Utu - The OG Traildog

is the reason we started Traildog. He's an incredibly friendly and calm dog that always enjoys moving forward, not matter if it's with skis, bike or SUP board. The most important thing is not the goal, but running there. Though nowadays he leaves most of the running for younger generation and focuses more on testing snacks. The head of product testing.

Valo - The Apprentice

Valo arrived in our team in 2022 to perform the position of an efficient paper shredder and to speed up all of the company's operations. This new traildog has a lot to learn and time will tell which tasks he's best harnessed for!

Happy Trails!