Tarvitseeko koira pelastusliivit? - Tukea ja turvaa vesiseikkailuihin

Does the dog need a life jacket? - Support and safety for water adventures

"Yes, the dog can swim!"

In a way, yes. But in what way? And for how long? Whether it's swimming, a boat trip or, for example, a kayaking trip, it's important to consider the dog's safety on the water in all situations. The best swimmer can drift into danger in the blink of an eye, so the easiest way to ensure your dog's safety by the water is to always wear a life jacket.

In this article, we will tell you why it is good for a dog to have a life jacket, for which dogs they are particularly useful and what to pay attention to when Choosing a life jacket.

Benefits and uses of a life jacket

Dog life jacket / life jacket / life jacket:

  • protection from fatigue and sudden situations
  • supports a balanced swimming technique
  • enables the dog to be assisted
  • gives visibility to other motorists.

The dog's life jacket is a safety equipment specially designed according to the dog's body, which offers your dog extra buoyancy and also helps to keep the head above the surface of the water, reducing the risk of drowning.

It is important to keep in mind that not all dogs are born champion swimmers. In fact, few dogs are naturally like fish in water. Most dogs learn to swim more confidently, efficiently and with more balance when vests are used as help.

Even if your dog is a confident and good swimmer, a surprising situation such as a strong current, falling from a boat or simply being tired can cause a dangerous situation in the water.

Lifting the dog back to, for example, a boat, a pier or a steep embankment can be challenging or even impossible if the dog is not wearing a vest. The back handle of the life jacket can be used to lift the dog out of the water and help it in difficult places.

A brightly colored life jacket also offers better visibility, i.e. it makes it easier to spot a dog from a distance, for example from an approaching boat.

What kind of dogs benefit the most from vests?

Lifejackets are especially useful for the following groups of dogs:

  • Puppies: The vest offers extra buoyancy and support for a puppy who is just learning to swim and is still unsure of water as an element. With the vest, the puppy learns a balanced swimming position from the start.
  • Dogs shy of swimming: Some dogs can be naturally timid in the water. Using a life jacket can help these dogs gain more confidence in their own swimming skills and enjoy being in the water.
  • Senior dogs: Swimming is excellent exercise for aging muscles and joints. However, senior dogs often need additional support in water or, for example, when landing unevenly. Lifejackets help maintain balance, relieve stress and reduce fatigue.
  • Sporting dogs: Even dogs that swim long distances benefit from the support and safety provided by life jackets. Even a dog in good shape may run out of strength unexpectedly or get a muscle cramp - just like human swimmers. Also, a person traveling with a dog can, if necessary, take support from a dog equipped with a vest.

In practice, almost all dogs benefit from vests!

Characteristics of a good life jacket

There are quite a lot of vests on the market and with a big price difference. When designing a good life jacket, dogs' anatomy and swimming movements are taken into account, so that it does not restrict the dog's mobility in the water. We recommend paying particular attention to the following things:

  • The large handle on the back is quick and easy to grab. In a high-quality vest, both the handle and the vest itself can withstand lifting the dog out of the water.
  • The wide straps and padding under the chest distribute the pressure when the dog is lifted from the vest, so they are a significant comfort factor for the dog. They also keep the vest in place better both in the water and on land.
  • The bright non-fading attention color and good reflectors improve the dog's visibility in the water. Choose a visible vest, not the prettiest color or pattern!
  • The more flexible and lighter the material of the vest, the more comfortable it is to wear for longer periods of time and the less it restricts the dog's natural range of motion.

The life vests in Traildog's range fulfill the aforementioned points.

Choose the right size

As with other equipment, the right size is also important for life jackets. The vest should fit tightly against the dog's body so that it stays in place in the water. Most of the time, the dog's weight, chest circumference and back measurement help in choosing the right size.

Safe on the water

Your dog's safety is certainly of primary importance to you. Life jackets also offer you peace of mind and a more stress-free stay by the water.

Now that you know why a dog needs a life jacket, you can make sure that future water adventures are safe and fun for both you and your dog. So, head towards fulfilling swimming moments!

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