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In Ree, you experience experiences and the peace of nature

The breath steams and the cold and snow sting the skin. It's cold, but still warm. The ear-splitting howling of the excited huskies that prevailed a moment earlier has quieted down as the dogs have started to move and are now focusing on progressing in perfect cooperation. The sled of six dogs moves silently between the hanks, only the crunching snow underfoot and the breathing of the locomotives break the silence. After the trip and soot pan coffees After you've enjoyed it, the dogs will come to your lap and demand crunches, each in turn.

Such experiences are offered by several dog sled companies in Finland. Most of them can be found in Lapland, but it may come as a surprise to many that they are also available elsewhere, all the way to southernmost Finland.

Husky sledding at the top of a fell in Lapland

Where can I find a husky safari?

You can search for husky entrepreneurs located in Finland on the map below. If the company has its own website, you can also find a link to it on the map. However, not all smaller companies may have their own websites, in which case you can contact them directly by email or phone.

Husky safari entrepreneurs on the map

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