Hiking with a dog

Tails on trails!

Traildog wants to encourage people to move in nature with their dogs, because getting to know new places together gives both the dog owner and the dog a lot! Not to mention forest therapy. New experiences and cooperation in different environments strengthen the relationship between dog and owner and thus often make everyday life more comfortable. So feel free to go where the muzzle takes you!

When spending time outdoors, the importance of equipment that serves its purpose well is emphasized. This does not mean that you can go out only when all the equipment is so to speak, but in general, high-quality equipment designed for the specific purpose makes moving and staying in nature more pleasant. Durable and properly selected equipment is also a safety factor. So that you don't have to think about everything yourself from the beginning and test many different products, you can find guides on choosing different equipment on Traildog's website. We are also happy to help you, so please contact us if something is bothering you. @ruffwear hiking with a dog traildog.fi