Sled sports

Although for most of the word team comes to mind a sleigh pulled by huskies in Lapland, on weekdays a team can also be formed by one person and one dog on the city's outdoor trail. Sled sports therefore also cover, for example, canicrossning or canicross, where a dog pulls a jogger wearing a pulling harness. The runner has an ergonomic pull belt on his hip and there is always a flexible bungee line to equalize the pull. Drag sports can also be practiced with a bicycle, skis, kick sled, scooter or cart.

Harnessing your dog in front of, for example, a runner or even a walker brings a whole new dimension to moving and playing sports with your dog. In this case, you and your dog become a team that strives for a common goal - both get strength from each other! A dog mentally and a human both mentally and physically. The goal doesn't really matter either. Whether you aim to be able to run at least a short distance instead of walking, or your goal is to compete in drag sports, your cooperation will in any case strengthen your relationship in addition to the physical side.

Luge sports is an almost year-round sport. Pulling should not be practiced in hot summer weather, but otherwise, especially by changing the equipment, you can practice the sport almost anytime and with almost any type of (healthy) dog that enjoys exercise. Pulling is physically difficult for the dog, so it is also a great way to release the dog's energy. However, due to the physicality of the sport, the equipment must definitely be of the right kind, special attention must be paid to the dog's health, and the dog's pulling condition must be built up slowly and gradually.

There are often a lot of questions associated with starting the sport: What are the right pulling harnesses? How long is a bungee line suitable for cycling or skiing? Where and how is the bungee line attached? Where can you go skiing with your dog? What is required to participate in canicrossning competitions? And so on.

In addition to the wide selection of equipment in our store, you can find information on Traildog's website, e.g. in the form of equipment and sport guides found in the top menu. We are also happy to answer additional questions. So feel free to get in touch if something leaves you wondering!

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