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WAW Sport Line

WAW Sport Line

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WAW Sport Line is a super light cloth for e.g. canicrossning and cycling! Combine as you wish.

WAW Sport Line itself is a non-elastic band and is intended to be used in conjunction with WAW Sport elastic. Of course, you can also combine it with another elastic band to get the exact length combination you want.

WAW Sport Line and WAW Sport elastic combined form the lightest elastic sling on the market. In addition to lightness, the leash combines the advantages of WAW Sport elasticity, i.e. a lossless transmission of force between the dog and the thing being pulled, as well as effective shock absorption. Compared to a regular long stretch leash, the leash does not waste the dog's energy in stretching, but the force is effectively transmitted to move a runner or cyclist, for example. NB: If you are a novice pulling enthusiast, we recommend primarily using a longer elastic pulling cloth.

WAW Sport Line is available in two different lengths, and in addition, a connecting strap for attaching to a bike/kickbike. You can choose whether you use a carabiner/lock or whether you attach the cloth by stringing. For example, a combination works with a bike/kickbike: connecting strap (carabiner)-WAW Sport-WAW Sport Line 165 cm (carabiner). When training when running, for example: WAW Sport and WAW Sport Line 85 cm (+ carabiner). However, pay attention to the competition regulations: in canicrossning, the stretched length of the cloth must be 1.5–2.5 m, and in dog cycling 2–3 m.

Dimensions & weights of WAW Sport Line (not incl. WAW spring) :

  • Connecting tape: 40 cm, 8 g
  • Canicross/canicross: 85 cm, 13 g (add connecting straps if you want/for competitions)
  • Dog cycling/kickbike: 165 cm, 22 g (add connecting tape if you want/for competitions)

The width of all Sport Line straps is 10 mm. Light but very durable!

Weights of separately purchased WAW Sport elastics:

  • WAW Sport L: 36 g
  • WAW Sport XL: 53g
  • WAW Sport XXL: 72 g

WAW Sport Line can be threaded directly into the loop of a sled dog harness or Canicross belt, or you can add a lock to it, e.g.: Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt Carabiner or Inlandis Bronze Snap .

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Ihanan kevyt

Yhen koiran kanssa kyllä ehdottomasti miellyttävin vaihtoehto pyöräilyyn wawin jouston kanssa. Tosi kevyt ja justiin tulee passelin pituinen 40cm+165cm+jousto. Kokojoustavat liinat meillä on tupanneet napsahtelemaan ennemmin tai myöhemmin poikki, toki pidän niitä huonosti. Tämä vaikuttaa lupaavalta ratkaisulta, ainakin nyt on säilynyt jopa minun hyppysissä ehjänä. On ollut lenkilläkin käytössä, mukava käsille, ei polttele. Keveyttä oppii arvostamaan kun tätä kerran kokeilee, vaikka aiemmin siitä ei olisi ollut kiinnostunut :D