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Axaeco Elastic Neckline

Axaeco Elastic Neckline

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A stand made of Axaeco's durable 6mm rope with reflective braid and elastic .

Using a stand increases safety, because the stand keeps the dogs close enough to each other and side by side. Dogs running too far apart can more easily drift to the other side of trees or poles, for example. Using the seising also prevents two dogs from pulling in different directions on the Y branch of the towing rope, which can break the rope.

  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Length unstretched 45 cm, stretched 72 cm
  • Material: PE rope
  • Loops on the ends, no locks.
  • You can choose the locks you want separately from our selection. Instead of collars, the stand can also be attached to the neck loops/stand loops that may be in the sled dog harness.
  • Plastic locks are a popular choice even for security reasons.
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Pekka Niemi
Toimii, parempi isommilla koirilla

Hyvä ja edullinen reilusti joustava seisinki. Muutaman sentin lyhensin seisojille kiristämällä joustonarusta, helppo näin säätää vähän lyhyemmäksi "lepomittaa".
Pienille koirille silti jäi melko pitkäksi ja suht helposti menee jalan alle