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Kickspark Max aluminum kick sled

Kickspark Max aluminum kick sled

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Kickspark MAX is an aluminum, light kick sled that has gained great popularity, especially among dog enthusiasts, that also folds up for transport.

The Kickspark MAX kick sled is light and collapsible when needed. It enables you to practice winter sports with even one dog. Due to its lightness and adjustability, Kickspark MAX is of course perfectly suitable for kicking without a dog.

The Kickspark kick sled is significantly more versatile compared to a regular kick sled, and its driving characteristics are completely superior. Thanks to its light but still rigid body, it is easy to handle and still easy to control even at high speed. In addition, everyone can adapt the Kickspark to suit their purpose and size thanks to its numerous accessories and adjustment options.

For the Kickspark MAX, we also recommend choosing plastic feet, which are easy to press under the sled's metal feet. The bare metal feet are well suited for hard-hit platforms. The plastic feet offer additional sliding and make walking easier if there is more snow on the ground. Choose sliding shoes if you usually move on plowed roads, or get shoes if there is often more snow or you need additional stability when walking with your dogs.

Kickspark Max kicksled technical data

  • weight with standard equipment: 5.5 kg
  • total length of the standard foot (universal foot): 152 cm
  • leg gap 38.5cm, size width (guide) 49cm
  • step board size: 29.5 x 3.5 cm (movable, comes with the sled)
  • controller height: 73/95cm
  • weight limit: 180kg
  • recommended height of the kicker: 120-195cm
  • age recommendation: suitable for everyone

Products recommended together with the Kickspark sled

Additional equipment for dog lovers

Selection of legs for the Kickspark sled

Kickspark is equipped with a universal foot as standard, which is used on very hard surfaces such as ice and road. The hard-hit highway is their own area of ​​operation.

If you move with the Kickspark on a slightly softer surface: snowy footpaths, track grooves, etc., you should definitely take the plastic feet with the Kickspark, thanks to which the sled slides better.

The hook leg or sliding leg is a plastic ski that is pressed onto the universal leg. These plastic feet carry the kicker even on softer surfaces, from ski slopes to snowmobiles. If you wish, you can also lubricate your feet like skis.

Kickspark in the sled class of team sport competitions

In sled sports competitions, the sled must have a metal frame (like Kickspark), and according to the rules, the sled must be equipped with plastic feet and a brake. The dog must be attached to the sled fully stretched for min. 2.5 and max. With a 3.5m long flexible pull cord.

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