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Etusivu / / Fenix ​​HM61R V2.0 multifunctional light

Fenix ​​HM61R V2.0 multifunctional light

Fenix ​​HM61R V2.0 multifunctional light

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Fenix ​​HM61R V2.0 - Headlamp, flashlight, helmet light, bike light - all in one package!

The Fenix ​​HM61R V2.0 is a true multifunctional light. It goes on the forehead as well as in the helmet, you can attach it to the handlebars of the bike or, for example, with a belt clip to the breast pocket. In addition, the base of the lamp has a strong magnet, which allows the lamp to be used as a work light on practically all metal surfaces. Click on, for example, the side of the car, so that you can see how to tinker with your jogging equipment in the dark of the evening - there are countless areas of use!

  • Max. light output 1600 lumens
  • Range up to 145 m with TIR lens optics
  • 5 power settings (1600-600-150-50-5 lumen)
  • Red light with two powers and a flashing light
  • Fast magnetic charging
  • Battery status display
  • Uses 18650 battery or CR123A batteries
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Dimensions 101 x 16 x 36 mm
  • Weight 152 g (incl. battery)
  • The renewed V2.0 version has an even faster quick release attachment on the headband and better light output.

If we had to choose just one lamp to do well in all situations, it would definitely be this one! Do you need a lamp while camping and want to keep your hands free? Attach the lamp with a belt clip to your pocket or to the shoulder strap of your backpack. Going for a run with the dog in the forest? The lamp comes with a high-quality forehead strap that keeps the lamp securely in place. The light pattern of the lamp is also wide enough so that when the head is swayed, the light beam does not jump around and cause seasickness. For a bike ride? You can attach the lamp to a helmet or handlebars with a separately sold bracket - the light output is sufficient even for faster going and the battery lasts for several hours depending on the setting.

Using the Fenix ​​HM61R

The HM61R is very easy to use. Hold the button down for about a second and the lamp lights up. With another press, the lamp always moves to the next power mode until it returns back to the beginning. By holding the button down for a moment, the lamp turns off. A long press (approx. 2-3 sec.) turns on the red light, which, when pressed again, switches to the next power mode and flashing.

HM61R V2.0 light output and burning times

White light:

  • 5 lm - 300 h
  • 50 lm - 38 h
  • 150 lm - 12 h
  • 400 lm - 4 h
  • 1200 lm - 2 h

Red light:

  • 1 lm - 400 h
  • 5 lm - 80 h
  • Flasher - 160 h

HM61R V2.0 battery and charging

Charging takes place effortlessly with a charging cable with a magnetic head. The USB connector at the other end of the cable takes power from a computer, mobile phone charger, etc. and attaches to the lamp at the other end conveniently with a magnet. The charging light lights up red and turns green when charging is complete. Charging from empty to full (with the supplied 3500 mAh battery) takes about 4 hours.

The HM61R uses a high-capacity 18650 type battery as a power source, which resembles a regular finger battery, only slightly larger. These batteries are not only widely available, they are also durable, inexpensive and small enough that you can easily carry a couple of spare batteries with you on a longer trip. In addition, batteries specially designed for cold weather are also available.

Fenix ​​mounts

The Fenix ​​HM61R lamp comes with a high-quality flexible headband and a belt clip. The pant is made of light and quick-drying AIR webbing and is equipped with a reflector. The collar also has a removable strap that goes over the head.

With a bracket that can be purchased separately, the lamp can be attached to the handlebars of a bicycle or Kickbike as well as to a cycling helmet. Due to the design of the lamp, it is easy to adjust the direction of the lamp even when the lamp is in the holder.

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