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HM65R SUPERRAPTOR 2 - Updated version of the most powerful dual beam headlamp on the market!

Designed for the demanding user, the HM65R offers up to 1500 lumen output, fast USB C charging and an optimal beam for all distances. The body of the lamp is made of very light magnesium and weighs only 109 g! The renewed 2nd version has e.g. 30% more efficient spot light, new LEDs that reproduce details and colors better than before, and a renewed quick-use collar!

Max. light output 1500 lumens

  • Two reflector cones: low beam and spotlight (range up to 170 m)
  • 8 power settings
  • Fast USB C charging
  • Battery status display
  • Uses 18650 battery or CR123A batteries
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Dimensions 80.5 x 55 x 40 mm

The right choice when you want a versatile, highly efficient and high-quality forehead or helmet light. SUPERRAPTOR's finesse lies in its double spotlight: it offers just the right light pattern, whether you need a wide close-up light or a far-reaching spotlight. The light beams can be adjusted separately or they can be used simultaneously to maximize light output and range. The light is delivered with a high-quality headband, but it is equally at home also on a bicycle helmet, for example, with a separately sold helmet mount - the light output is sufficient for faster going and the battery lasts for several hours, depending on the setting.


The HM65R is very easy to use. Both bulbs are controlled by their own switches, and they can be used together or separately. The light is turned on and off by pressing the switch for about a second. Selecting the light output is done with a short press. SUPERRAPTOR always lights up in the last used power mode. The lighting angle can be adjusted vertically by 60° by turning the lamp in the forehead bracket.

New Sport Fit System collar fastening

With the new quick collar attachment, you can adjust the collar quickly and precisely with one hand. It's really easy to use - lift the rotation screw up, adjust the collar to the appropriate position and press the rotation screw back down. The cuff is also wider than before (35 mm), which increases comfort.
In addition, the headband is now quick-detachable from the lighting part, so moving it to, for example, a helmet mount is faster without unnecessary adjustments.

Light output and burning times

Wide dipped beam:

  • 8 lm - 200 h
  • 150 lm - 13 h
  • 500 lm - 4 h

Point spotlight:

  • 50 lm - 90 h
  • 150 lm - 15 h
  • 400 lm - 5 h
  • 700 lm - 3 h
  • 1300 lm - 2 h

A total output of up to 1500 lumens!

Battery and charging

Charging takes place with the USB C charging cable familiar from most smartphones. The USB connector on the other end of the cable takes power from a computer, mobile phone charger, etc. and is inserted into the charging port on the back of the lamp. The indicator light flashes blue and shows its current charging status (1-4 bars). Alternatively, the battery can be charged in a separate battery charger, e.g. Fenix ​​ARE-D2 smart charger .

The HM65R uses a high-capacity 18650 type battery as a power source, which resembles a regular finger battery, only slightly larger. These batteries are not only widely available, they are also durable, inexpensive and small enough that you can easily carry a couple of spare batteries with you on longer trips, see Fenix ​​battery 3500 mAh and Fenix ​​cold-resistant 2900 mAh specially designed for the cold.


The Fenix ​​HM61R lamp comes with a high-quality headband. The pant is made of light and quick-drying AIR webbing and is equipped with a reflector. The collar also has a removable strap that goes over the head.

With a bracket that can be purchased separately, the lamp can be attached to, for example, a cycling, skiing or climbing helmet. Thanks to the convenient mechanism, it is easy to adjust the orientation of the lamp even when the lamp is in the holder.

  • The package contains: HM65R SUPERRAPTOR 2 headlamp x 1, head and headband x 1, Fenix ​​ARB-L18-3400 mAh rechargeable battery x 1, USB C charging cable x 1, headband buckle x 1, replaceable O-ring seal x 1, user manual (also in Finnish)
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