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Etusivu / / Kickspark Ankle boots 5.6 cm

Kickspark Ankle boots 5.6 cm

Kickspark Ankle boots 5.6 cm

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Plastic 5.6 cm wide additional legs for the Kickspark sled. They increase sliding on softer snow and stabilize the going.

The Kickspark hanki boots, which resemble skis, are especially intended for walking on softer snow layers of a few centimeters. They therefore carry the sled better than just metal legs, so the sled slides more easily.

The dog legs also stabilize the going when dog sledding.

The plastic feet are easy and quick to attach or remove, without tools.

  • Easy to attach and detach without tools!
  • Width 5.6 cm
  • Length 152 cm
  • The weight of the pair is 830 g
  • Compatible with the Kickspark Max kick sled
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