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Lumac nOring Collar

Lumac nOring Collar

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Lumac nOring Collar is a super light collar for sled dogs!

Lumac nOring (no o-ring) Collar was born from the desire to develop equipment for harness use with durability, lightness and safety as a priority. When maximum performance is sought from equipment for racing, not even the smallest detail is overlooked. So, thanks to Lumac's innovative approach, it is now possible to save appreciable grams of collars, up to 20 g compared to a traditional collar!

The collar is made of durable but light nylon. Usually, the heavy metal fastening ring has been replaced by a loop made of polyester cord. The end result is not only light but also quiet. The extra weight is off the dog's head, which lightens the load and reduces the swinging of the cloths. The only metal part of the collar is a reliable sliding buckle for size adjustment.

  • 1 size for medium and large dogs
  • 25 mm nylon string
  • Weight only 43 g!
  • The black collar has a polyester rope fastening loop
  • In the green collar, a fastening loop of super durable dyneema
  • Black metal adjustment buckle

The Lumac nOring Collar is designed specifically for competitive use, rather than hard-working everyday use. The strap/staying link is strong and durable, but naturally still more sensitive to wear and denting compared to a metal ring. The manufacturer recommends the collar to be used primarily only during competition/training.

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