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Etusivu / / Lumac Sledding Armor Bootie, 4 pcs

Lumac Sledding Armor Bootie, 4 pcs

Lumac Sledding Armor Bootie, 4 pcs

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Lumac's soft, very durable slippers to protect the dog's paws. Specially designed to melt for training and camping.

The fabric of the Lumac Armor slippers is a thick but very soft fabric. Designed and manufactured in Estonia, from patented material. Although this slipper does not have a rubber surface, it also withstands the wear and tear during the melting ground excellently compared to many other fabric slippers. The fabric also breathes, so it is a good choice for summer activities as well. The slightly flexible, smooth fabric is pleasant and soft for the dog's paws.

Armor slippers are therefore perfect for, for example, autumn/spring pull-ups and hiking. Also suitable for protecting the dog's paws from the hot asphalt in summer.

The Armor slippers are attached with a flexible 20 mm wide velcro.

Determining the correct slipper size

Measure the circumference of your dog's paw from the widest point, so that the dog is standing (that is, there is weight on the paw). Divide this measurement by two and compare to the width of the slippers. Take into account that the dog's front paws are often wider than the back paws. In borderline cases, choose a bigger slipper (the dog's paw must have room to expand when stepping). Tip: if you don't have a flexible measuring tape, use e.g. a string and a normal ruler to measure the circumference of your dog's paw.

NOTE: The fabric material in question may shrink with use, by about 1 cm. In borderline cases, definitely lean towards the bigger one. There is no harm in extra width in a light canvas slipper .

Size / color code Width Height
9 cm 12.5 cm
10 cm 14 cm
11 cm 15.5 cm

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