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Lumac Sledding Helium XS

Lumac Sledding Helium XS

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Lumac Sledding Helium XS is a very light top-quality bungee line. The stiffness of the spring is optimized for small/light draft dogs.

Designed and completely manufactured in Europe, the Helium sling is super light: weight only 95 grams. Despite its lightness, Helium's flexibility is top class. High-quality elasticity enables a very long elasticity distance: the 100 cm long Helium XS is 195 cm long when stretched. The length is designed with canicrossning in mind, but for other activities, Helium can be easily extended with an extension piece as needed for different sports and/or preferences. Super convenient!

The Helium XS cloth does not have a fixed lock sewn in, so you can choose the light lock you like - and if necessary, an extension piece.

Lumac Helium XS features:

  • A flexible sling designed by Traildog and Lumac for the needs of those who work with smaller dogs
  • Optimized spring stiffness for about 8-13 kg dog
  • Excellent elastic properties with a long elastic distance: length 100-195 cm
  • There are versions for bigger/stronger dogs: Helium S and original Lumac Helium
  • Liina meets the requirements of the rules of canicrossning competitions
  • Made in Europe entirely from European materials as a result of several years of design work
  • Gradual, strengthening elasticity with stretching softens jerks effectively
  • At the end of the cloth on the runner's side, a loop approx. 2 cm long, from which the cloth can be attached to the lock or open hook on the belt
  • NOTE: the cloth does not come with a lock. Lumac Sledding Helium XS is designed so that it is easy to connect the desired lock to the cord loop on the dog's end. Alternatively, the Helium cloth is easy to thread directly onto the dog's harness. This solution is especially comfortable for dogs that are disturbed by the weight/swinging of the lock behind their back.
  • A popular choice with Helium is, for example bronze pistol lock or Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt Carabiner . Check out the full size here our lock selection .
  • Since the cloth does not have a fixed lock, it is also easy to extend it with extension pieces to suit other sports, for example skiing or cycling.

Lumac Helium XS bungee line for two dogs?

You can easily turn Helium into a cloth for two dogs by connecting it to it Lumac Rope Pro Twin distributor . A smart combination even if you sometimes have one, sometimes two dogs. The cloth and the divider can be easily rolled together with the fastening loops, so there are no annoying swinging locks in between.

Lumac Helium XS drawcord extension suitable for, for example, skiing, cycling and camping?

Helium is very easy to extend by boiling an extension piece into it, for example Lumac Rope 50 cm or WAW Sport Leash 85 cm . In this way, the cloth becomes 2.5-2.85 m long when stretched.

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Customer Reviews

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Hyvä, kevyt joustohihna

Kevyt ja juuri hyvä jousto pienelle <10 kg koiralle. Saa helposti muokattua 50 cm jatko-osalla eri tarkoituksiin. Lukottomuudesta plussaa. Halutessa saa lukon laitettua.

Linnea Kotajärvi
Erinomainen tuote

Vetoliina ollut nyt vajaan vuoden lähes viikoittaisesssa käytössä 8kg koiralla, joka vetää mielellään. Liinan jäykkyys on ollut juuri sopiva ja toimii ihanteellisesti yhdistettyvä vetovyöhön ja -valjaisiin. Meillä oli ensin käytössä pidempi vetoliina, mutta tämä lyhyempi malli on retkipoluilla huolettomampi kun ei jää pitkän jouston ansiosta missään tilanteessa jalkoihin. Liina on kuvista poiketen toiselta puolelta musta ja toiselta harmaa.

On hyvä

Oikein mukava käyttää ja todella kevyt. Tuntuu laadukkaalta. Sopii hyvin 10kg koiralle. Erittäin hyvä, kun ei ole lukkoa mutta sen voi halutessaan lisätä.

Näppärä joustohihna

Kätevä hihna moneen menoon. Helposti liitettävissä jatkopalaan.