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Lumac Sledding Central Wheel Section

Lumac Sledding Central Wheel Section

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Lumac Sledding Keski Wheel - sledge section for wheel dogs with stands

Lumac Keski is a pull cloth set made of dyneema rope designed together with world champion Hege Ingebrigtsen. The lengths have been optimized especially for medium distances. For sprint harnesses, there is a Wakev set from Lumac.

Dyneema rope is light and durable! The tuglines in the harness set for wheel dogs are longer than in the set for team dogs (Team Section) so that there is more space between the wheel dogs and the sled/sled/cart.

Lumac Wakev Wheel Section Contents

  • Main line, 1 pc.:
    • diameter 6 mm
    • material polyester-coated Dyneema
    • color: yellow-black
    • high-quality machine-knotted loops at the ends
    • length: 255 cm

  • Tuglines, 2 pcs.:
    • diameter 5 mm
    • material: polyester
    • color: according to product selection
    • length: 129 cm

  • Necklines, 2 pcs.:
    • diameter 4mm
    • material: 100% Duralan dyneema
    • color: silver or black
    • length 31 cm

NOTE: The set does not include locks. Check out our lock selection here.

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