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Lumac Sledding Mono S Line

Lumac Sledding Mono S Line

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Lumac Sledding Mono Line: a light towing line with unparalleled flexibility. Suitable length for cycling, trail running or camping.

Designed and completely manufactured in Europe, the Mono pull-up sling, whose snappy, high-quality elastic allows for a very long elastic distance. The length of the cloth when stretched is about 2.9 meters, which means Mono is perfect for, for example, skijoring and dog cycling. The other end of the mono cloth has fabric loops, which can be used to adjust the length of the cloth to be a little shorter if desired.

Thanks to the long elastic travel, in addition to sled dog sports use, Mono is also great for e.g. snowshoeing or other camping with the dog: the cloth does not get easily tangled in the legs even if the dog moves closer to the person.

Lumac Mono Line features:

  • Made in Europe entirely from European materials as a result of several years of design work
  • Length unstretched approx. 1.6 m, stretched 2.87 m
  • Excellent, snappy spring with a long spring travel
  • The Mono cloth has two different elastic parts: more sensitive and firmer. In this way, the cloth follows the dog's movements sensitively, but the elasticity does not run out even with large dogs or during strong jerks, e.g. starting situations.
  • Due to the stiffness of the spring, Mono is best suited for medium and strong dogs.
  • Gradual, strengthening elasticity with stretching softens jerks effectively.
  • At the other end of the cloth, there is an approx. 7 cm long string loop, from which the cloth can be attached to the dog's harness with or without a lock.
  • Wider fabric loops at the other end: the length of the cloth can be fine-tuned with these loops.
  • NOTE: the cloth does not come with a lock. Lumac Sledding Mono Line is designed so that it is easy to connect the desired lock to the cord loop on the dog's end. Alternatively, the Mono cloth is easy to thread directly onto the dog's harness. This solution is especially comfortable for dogs that are disturbed by the weight/swinging of the lock behind their back.
  • A popular choice with Helium is, for example, the bronze Kong pistol lock or the Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt Carabiner . Check out our entire selection of locks here.
  • Lumac Sledding also has a shorter Lumac Helium cloth, the length of which is more optimal for canicrossning. Helium also has its own versions for lighter dogs.

Lumac Mono sling for two dogs?

You can easily turn the Lumac Mono into a sling for two dogs by connecting it with the Lumac Rope Pro Twin divider . A smart combination even if you sometimes have one, sometimes two dogs. The cloth and the divider can be easily rolled together with the fastening loops, so there are no annoying swinging locks in between.

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