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Nite Ize RadDog All-in-One Collar + Leash

Nite Ize RadDog All-in-One Collar + Leash

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Nite Ize RadDog All-In-One: dog collar and leash in one. Yes, very convenient!

A must-have for all traildogs: a dog leash that goes inside the dog's collar. Always out of reach - always within reach.

The RadDog collar-strap combination is designed especially for dogs that can be walked freely outside under supervision. The RadDog All-In-One collar contains a built-in 91 cm long coiled leash, so the dog can be quickly connected, for example, when passing oncoming dogs and other dogs or when approaching a traffic area. It is perfect for, for example, mountain bikers or trail runners, when you want to keep your hands free, but the dog can be connected immediately.

Very easy to use! All you have to do is grab the hand loop and pull out the handle part. When you want to let the dog free again, you just let the ribbon wind back inside the collar. The leash is automatically wound inside the fabric part and only enough of the hand loop is visible to get a hold of it.

RadDog All-In-One is made of durable nylon fabric. Inside the fabric part is a high-quality winding device, "miniflexi", with a 91 cm cord and a light hand loop.

  • The length of the leash is 91 cm
  • Resistant to getting wet
  • The collar also has a metal D-loop, to which you can connect another, longer leash if necessary.
  • The RadDog All-In-One leash is resistant to pulling, but is not intended for dogs that pull constantly and/or strongly on the leash or that have special problems, for example when overtaking other dogs.
  • The product is especially suitable for obedient dogs that have been taught to move near a person or a bike, from which they can be immediately connected if necessary.
  • Please keep an eye on your dog when you let it loose on the RadDog collar.
  • Do not let go of the hand loop when the string is completely unwound, but bring the hand loop closer to the collar before letting go.

Size selection

Sizes: S size (35-40 cm), M size (41-46 cm), L size (41-51 cm).

In addition to the length of the collar, also consider the strength of your dog when choosing the size. The string is thicker in the L size (and therefore the collar as a whole is slightly heavier than the M sizes).

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