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Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt Pro

Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt Pro

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Pull belt selection guide

Ultra-lightweight, weighing only 125 grams, this canicross belt is designed especially for those who value maximum lightness and for competitors in canicross.

The CaniX Belt Pro pulling belt has been stripped of even the smallest weight-adding parts such as metal buckles and pockets. However, there is no compromise on ergonomics, making the CaniX Belt Pro suitable for running with strong pullers - after all, it was designed in collaboration with world champion canicross athletes. The CaniX Belt Pro dog running belt is specifically intended for competitive use.

The CaniX Belt Pro has a similar structure to Non-stop's original CaniX Belt, with its pulling point low at the level of the buttocks, which reduces strain on the lower back and makes it easy to maintain an optimal running posture.

  • The freely sliding carabiner on the front strap follows your dog's movements, preventing the belt from twisting on your body, even in turns.
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable mesh material
  • Multiple adjustment options, so one size fits most runners with a so-called normal build
  • Waist circumference (approximately at hip bone level) adjustable from about 66-106 cm
  • Weight only 125 grams

How does the Pro version differ from the original CaniX Belt?

The CaniX Belt Pro is an even lighter option, with all "unnecessary" features removed and designed especially for competitive use.

The regular CaniX Belt pulling belt includes more padding, a pocket for a phone or other small items, and a detachable front piece to which the sliding carabiner is attached. The CaniX Belt Pro is made from lighter materials, has less padding, no pocket, and is equipped with a fixed but adjustable front strap with a sliding carabiner attached.

Does the CaniX Belt Pro withstand high pulling forces, i.e., strong dogs?

Yes! The CaniX Belt Pro may look delicate, but its pulling strength is rated up to 300 kg. The carabiner and materials are strong and free of plastic parts, so attaching a large and powerful pulling dog to this belt is not a problem. This belt is tested and used by world-class pulling sports athletes.
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