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Non-stop dogwear Line Harness 5.0

Non-stop dogwear Line Harness 5.0

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Non-stop dogwear's Line Harness 5.0 is the perfect choice for your dog's daily outdoor activities and camping: light, ergonomic, quick-drying.

Line Harness 5.0 is an updated version of the very popular Line harness that came to the market in the fall of 2021. The new Line now has slightly updated materials, e.g. durable Duraflex buckles and a renewed D-link on the back. The measurements have also changed compared to the old version, and the harness now leaves most dogs with even more room behind the armpits.

In addition to everyday use, the Line Harness 5.0 is also great as a back harness and for jogging. An excellent harness also when the canicrosss next to the bike or Kickbike.

Features of the Non-stop Line Harness 5.0 dog harness

  • Very well padded, so in addition to its excellent ergonomics, it is also suitable for short-haired dogs. No abrasive materials or buckles!
  • The materials repel water and are easy to clean, so the Line Harness is also excellent for dogs bathing in ditches or for honest swimming. Even when wet, the harness does not become heavy and does not absorb odors.
  • Easy to put on the dog, because the harness has high-quality quick buckles on both sides
  • 3M Scotchlite reflectors guarantee excellent visibility.
  • The leash can normally be attached from above the harness to the D-ring or, when trailing, from below to the ribbon loop. With the help of the ribbon loop in the front, on the chest, the dog can be taught to walk without pulling (when the dog pulls, the leash attached to the front turns the dog's front direction towards the handler, in which case you get a reward for the dog turning towards you and returning to your side).

Non-stop Line Harness size selection

Choosing the size of the harness always starts with determining the appropriate neck opening. See the measurement instructions for the dog's neck in the product images (measurement from the top of the sternum to the neck*) and compare it to the actual neck measurement of the harness found in the table below. Line Harness is an everyday harness, so the neck opening of the harness may be slightly larger than the measured result. However, the neck opening should be tight enough that it does not spill over the dog's straw to limit the movement of the legs.

After determining the size of the neck opening, see if the chest circumference and chest piece length of that harness size seem suitable for your dog.

I put
A real harness
a song
Chest piece
dog chest
Neck-back cap. length
2 26-30 cm
30 cm
15 cm
3.5 cm 36–54 cm
10 cm
3 28-32 cm
33 cm
20 cm
3.5 cm
39–62 cm
13 cm
4 32-36 cm
37 cm
23 cm
4.5 cm
41–68 cm
15 cm
5 36-40 cm
42 cm
28 cm
4.5 cm
52–78 cm
17 cm
6 40-47 cm
50 cm
32 cm
5.5 cm
56–87 cm
19 cm
7 46-51 cm
54 cm
34 cm
5.5 cm
61–92 cm
21 cm
8 51-57 cm
57 cm
37 cm
5.5 cm
67–102 cm
24 cm
9 57-63 cm 68 cm 41 cm 6 cm 70–112 cm 26 cm

Breed examples: Chihuahua (2), Jack Russell (3), Irish Terrier, Cairn Terrier (4), Lagotto (5), Labrador Retriever (6), Smooth Collie, German Shepherd (7), German Shepherd (8), Bernese Mountain Dog (9).

Is the Non-stop Line harness suitable for pulling sports?

The Non-stop Line Harness is perfect for regular jogging with your dog. The V-opening leaves the neck comfortably open and the collar of the harness is unfastened and well padded. If your canicrosss next to you or in front without pulling or with a very light pull, the Line harness is an excellent choice.

If the dog has a lot of pulling power and/or you want to teach the dog to pull a hobby such as canicross, you should choose a longer model harness designed for pulling for the dog. Thanks to the design of the harness, the pressure of the pull is distributed through the side straps down to the dog's chest. Such a harness is, for example , Non-stop dogwear Freemotion or Inlandis Open-Back .

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Vihdoin löytyi valjaat jotka eivät valu koiran kylkiin kävellessä.
Rinnanympäryksessä on runsaasti säätövaraa. Kaulan ympäryksen mittaaminen koiralta ennen tilaamista auttoi oikean koon valinnassa. Käyttäjä täysikokoinen jämtiuros, hänelle koko 8 sopiva ja todella paljon jäi säätövaraa rinnanympärille (melkein kireimmälle sai meillä laittaa).
Oranssi väri ihanan kirkas. Lisäplussana vielä jälkiliinalle oma tukevanoloinen lenkki vatsan alla sekä molemmilta puolilta avattavat lukot.


Ostettiin nämä vielä vähän kasvavalle 5-kuiselle koiralle. Vaikuttaa siltä että nämä luultavasti menevät sille pitkäänkin, sillä varsinkin rinnanympäryksessä on hyvin säätövaraa.