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Etusivu / / Non-stop dogwear Protector Light Socks High, 4 pcs

Non-stop dogwear Protector Light Socks High, 4 pcs

Non-stop dogwear Protector Light Socks High, 4 pcs

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The long-sleeved Protector Light Socks High slippers are slippers made of durable cut-resistant material: for snow or for pawing on melted ground.

The long-sleeved Non-stop Protector Light Socks High slippers were developed for sled sports and camping, but they are an excellent choice for all dogs that need protection for their paws. Light flexible slippers make it possible the natural action and movement of your dog's paws.

The Protector Light Socks High slipper is suitable for use both on snow and when the ground is thawed. Of course, the slippers are always subjected to greater stress on melted ground, so wear resistance on snow is better.

The knitted structure of the slippers offers both comfort and breathability, without compromising on durability. In addition, the material provides high cut protection.

  • long model that also protects the spur nail
  • made of cut protection fabric
  • flexible Velcro straps
  • the orange color makes it easier to spot the slipper in the snow
  • material: polyethylene, nylon, polyester, fiberglass, spandex
  • Mainly, this model works great in snow conditions. However, the material is breathable and porous, so when the snow is very dry and light frosty snow, it can penetrate through the fabric into the slipper in some rare conditions.
  • NOTE: If you notice that the end of the velcro becomes frayed/frayed during use, you should immediately cut it with a new clean cutting surface and burn the end.

Size selection of Non-stop Protector Light Socks High slippers

The size is chosen according to the width of the paw. Measure the circumference of your dog's paw from the widest point, so that the dog is standing (that is, there is weight on the paw). Divide this measurement by two and compare to the width of the slippers. Take into account that the dog's front paws are often wider than the back paws. In this case, you can get the best possible fit by choosing two sets of slippers in two different sizes.

The Protector Light High slipper model is made of flexible fabric, so the sizing should be fairly tight. However, the dog's paw must always have room to widen when stepping.

Tip: if you don't have a flexible measuring tape, use e.g. a string and a normal ruler to measure the circumference of your dog's paw.


A slipper

A slipper
Race, e.g.
XS 6.5 cm
lagotto, cocker spaniel
S 7.5 cm small border collie, breton
M 8 cm Australian Shepherd, Malinois bitch
L 8.5 cm German Shepherd, Setter, Driving Dog
XL 9 cm big german shepherd, german shepherd, malamute
XXL 10 cm smart, malamute, Bernie

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