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Non-stop dogwear Ramble Harness

Non-stop dogwear Ramble Harness

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Non-stop dogwear's Ramble Harness is suitable for your dog's everyday outdoor activities and camping: light, ergonomic, quick-drying. Good adjustment options and a handy handle on the back.

In addition to everyday use, the Non-stop Ramble Harness is also great as a back harness, for jogging and camping. Three different ways to attach the strap: on the back, in front of the chest and on the side of the stomach.

The Ramble Harness is adjustable both around the neck and around the chest. It is therefore also suitable for growing puppies or dogs that need clothes under the harness in winter.

The harness has high-quality quick buckles on both sides, so it can be put on the dog easily without the need to lift the legs.

Non-stop Ramble Harness dog harness features

  • Easy to put on the dog, because the harness has high-quality quick buckles on both sides
  • Made of durable materials
  • Hypalon reinforcements in the points where the greatest stress is applied.
  • The padding is a closed cell structure that does not absorb water.
  • The adjustable straps are made of durable and strong seat belt webbing.
  • The harness has a handle on the back for better control. The handle can also be used to help the dog overcome possible obstacles along the way.
  • 3 ™ reflective material is integrated into the seams to improve visibility in the dark.
  • The D-ring on the back is durable aluminum.

Three attachment points for the halter

The leash can normally be attached from above the harness to the D-ring or, when trailing, from below to the ribbon loop. With the help of the ribbon loop in the front, on the chest, the dog can be taught to walk without pulling (when the dog pulls, the leash attached to the front turns the dog's front direction towards the handler, so you get a reward for the dog turning towards you and returning to your side).

Non-stop Ramble harness size selection

Measure your dog's chest circumference behind the front legs and neck circumference. You can find the exact dimensions of the harness in this table.

Size Canine
To the harness
in regulation approx

A dog's neck
around about

part width
the length of the part
the length of the part
XS 40-58 cm 27 cm 29-36 cm 4 cm 19 cm 11 cm border
S 45-64 cm 34 cm 36-48 cm 5 cm 23 cm 16 cm fox terrier, mittelspitz
M 59-90 cm 42 cm 43-60 cm 6.6 cm 28 cm 19 cm esp. water dog, small labbisnarttu
L 72-110 cm 50 cm 51-69 cm 7 cm 34 cm 22.5 cm labbie,
German standing, Belgian
XL 74-126 cm 56 cm 60-84 cm 7.7 cm 41.5 cm 25.5. cm big business man,
bernese shepherd, big malamute

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Non-Stop Ramble Harness

Oikein hyvät valjaat retkeilyyn ja on säätövaraa. Helppo pukea ja riisua, pysyy koiralla päällä. Aina nopea ja sujuva toimitus.