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Non-stop dogwear Rock Harness Long

Non-stop dogwear Rock Harness Long

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If you have to choose one harness for your dog, which you can use in everyday life, on hikes as well as on tow runs, the Non-stop Rock Harness Long is the solution.

The Rock Harness Long is designed to be as versatile a harness as possible, which works both on hikes and on everyday adventures in various jogging terrains and even in light traction activities.

The Rock Harness Long is longer than normal everyday harnesses and has a handle on the back, which can be used to help the dog in steep places, for example when climbing over obstacles or getting into a car.

What makes the design of the Rock Harness Long unique is the rear transverse support strap, which is oriented so that pulling the dog in this harness is ergonomic. So the pull does not tilt the neck opening to press on the throat, but instead causes the lower edge of the neck opening to descend lower away from the throat. This harness has therefore combined the good aspects of pure sled dog harnesses with a more everyday and multi-purpose structure.

Rock Harness Long is therefore also suitable for pulling activities such as canicrossning, dog cycling, skijoring and cross-country obstacle races for dogs that pull with moderate strength. For more active pulling hobbies, we still recommend pulling harness models designed purely for pulling sports.

Rock Harness Long all-in-one dog harness features

  • multi-purpose dog harness designed for power transmission when pulling, so they are suitable for daily walks and camping, as well as for trail races or dog cycling
  • highly adjustable: adjustable both on the neck and chest
  • four side locking buckles make it easier to attach or detach the harness.
  • the handle makes it easier to control and assist the dog in challenging terrains
  • the support strap in the structure of the harness distributes the pressure of the pull evenly between the upper and lower parts, which optimizes the transmission of power during pulling.
  • designed for activities such as canicrossning, dog cycling and skijoring for dogs that pull moderately.
  • a great choice also for obstacle races and hikes
  • if you don't want your dog to pull at all, there is a leash attachment point in front in addition to the regular leash attachment point on your dog's back.
  • breathable and quick-drying: made from a unique three-layer material combination HexiVent that offers excellent breathability and comfort.

Size selection Rock Harness Long


A dog's neck

A dog's chest
Race, e.g.
XS 29-36 cm 40-56 cm chihuahua, jack russel
S 36-48 cm 45-60 cm border terrier, fox terrier
M 43-60 cm 58-84 cm saluki, border collie, reindeer hound
L 51-69 cm 72-102 German Shepherd, Golden Retriever
XL 60-84 cm 74-108 male german shepherd, great dane
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