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Etusivu / / Non-stop dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0

Non-stop dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0

Non-stop dogwear Safe Life Jacket 2.0

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The Non-stop Safe Life Jacket dog life jackets are highly ergonomic and their material is very flexible and soft. New model in spring 2021: color orange.

Non-stop Safe Life dog life jackets follow the dog's body, so it is easy for the dog to move around in them both in the water and in the boat. Every detail has been thought out to the last. Lifting the dog has been made as comfortable as possible for both humans and dogs: a sturdy lifting handle and a wide chest-belly section made of mesh material so that water can drain away from the vest.

Even dogs that love to swim can suddenly become tired and exhausted in the water. If this happens, the life jacket keeps the dog afloat and the floats under the neck also keep the head afloat. The dog can be easily and safely lifted out of the water by the large, durable handle.

Features of the Non-stop Safe Life Jacket 5.0 dog life jacket

  • Bright orange color visible
  • 3M reflectors, which make it easier to spot the dog in the water from all directions
  • The soft floating elements help the dog to develop a good swimming technique and are a good aid for swimming training.
  • The rings on the side can be used to adjust the dog's swimming and, if necessary, increase resistance to training. This can be useful in rehabilitating the dog in the swimming pool.
  • A long cloth can be attached to the tire at the back if you are on the water in a boat, canoe or SUP board and want to control your dog if necessary.
  • Pocket for storing the leash.
  • An adjustable and padded neckline and an adjustment option around the chest that guarantee a perfect fit.
  • Buckle fastenings: easy to put on once the adjustments are made.
  • Two wide straps under the chest distribute the weight evenly if the dog has to be lifted out of the water.
  • The mesh part of the belly prevents water from staying inside the life jacket.

Non-stop Safe Life lifejacket size selection

The size is chosen according to the dog's back length and weight. Measure the back from the neck to the base of the tail. Optimally, the vest fits the dog so that the back chest strap also stays on the dog's chest (so it is not on the back on the stomach).

Size The length of the dog's back Vest length Canine
weight (approx)
Example race
3 28–35 cm 25 cm 3–6 kg
2.5-10 kg
jack russell, dachshund
4 35–43 cm 30 cm 5–15 kg
5-20 kg
irish terrier
5 43–50 cm 36 cm 10–20 kg
10-30 kg
border collie
6 50–60 cm 42 cm 15–25 kg
15-40 kg
German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd
7 60–70 cm 50 cm 20–50 kg
20-50 kg
German shepherd, German standing male

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Laadukkaan oloinen, pysyy hyvin päällä eikä haittaa koiraa. Toimi hyvin pennun uimaharjoituksissa.

Riikka Ekqvist
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