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Non-stop dogwear Trekking Belt 2.0

Non-stop dogwear Trekking Belt 2.0

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Pull belt selection guide

The Non-Stop Dogwear Trekking Belt is a traditionally designed, very well padded trekking belt.

Thanks to the wide range of adjustment possibilities, the Trekking Belt is suitable for most dog owners for everyday jogging, day hiking, as well as competitive use in pulling sports. If you value the fact that the Canicross belt stays in place, is easy to put on even over sweatpants, and is quick to adjust for different users, choose the Trekking Belt.

  • Suitable for skijoring, canicrossning, camping and everyday walks
  • Very soft padding and an ergonomic wide back section distribute the load evenly
  • The leg straps keep the belt in place on the hips (the leg straps can also be removed if desired, but we do not recommend this, especially when using with strong dogs)
  • Open hook, from which the strap can be quickly removed. An open hook or panic hook is mandatory in dog sledding competitions. If you wish, you can thread the leash/bungee line first through the D-loop and then into the open hook. In this case, the harness cannot come off accidentally! NOTE: Do not attach the strap to the D-link alone, as it is not designed to withstand tension.

Choosing the size of the Non-stop Trekking Belt

Measure your waist around the hip area. Using a measuring tape, measure so that the width of the padded back of the size you are considering reaches a little to the front of your hip bones. The padding that ends right at the hips can feel boring when you pull.

When choosing the size, you should also take into account if you plan to wear the belt in winter with thick sweatpants.

  • S size: width of the padded part 60 cm, maximum waist circumference 125 cm. Suitable for narrow people and juniors. S size is mostly chosen by users weighing less than 55 kilograms.
  • M size: width of the padded part 70 cm, maximum waist circumference 140 cm. The most common size. Generally suitable for e.g. a 60 kg woman or a 90 kg man.
  • L size: width of the padded part 80 cm.

You can familiarize yourself with the different Canicross belt models on Traildog's traction belt selection guide page .

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