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Non-stop dogwear Wool Dog Jacket

Non-stop dogwear Wool Dog Jacket

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The Non-stop Wool dog jacket optimizes recovery during and after outdoor adventures. A great jacket also for breaks and overnight stays in cool conditions.

The mixture of merino wool and polyester gives the jacket wonderful properties. Wool is nature's own material, known for its excellent warmth, heat regulation, breathability and odor reduction. Wool has a long tradition in Norway, because it absorbs moisture without getting cold or wet. Polyester guarantees durability and quick drying. Areas exposed to wear and tear are reinforced with softshell fabric.

The Non-stop dogwear Wool dog jacket is adjustable to achieve an optimal fit. Leg straps ensure that the jacket stays in place. The jacket is designed so that it covers your dog's large muscle groups well and at the same time offers comfort and full freedom of movement.

Features of the Non-stop Wool Dog Jacket

  • Fabric: 40% wool - merino, mulesing-free, 38% polyamide, 22% polyester, recycled, micron count 21.5, 380g/m2
  • Areas of the softshell fabric exposed to greater wear
  • Reflective details
  • Aluminum buckle
  • Adjustment possibilities in the neckline, neck, base of the tail and around the chest
  • color dark teal

Size selection

Choose the right size by measuring the length of the dog's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Size The length of the dog's back
27 26-29 cm
30 28-32 cm
33 31-35 cm
36 33-39 cm
40 37-43 cm
45 42-48 cm
50 47-53 cm
55 52-58 cm
60 57-63 cm
65 62-68 cm
70 64-76 cm

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