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Train'N'Treat is a smart tool for rewarding your dog at home, during training sessions and on forest runs. No more sweets stuck in your pockets or cold, cold fingers!

With the Train'N'Treat treat dispenser, you can reward the dog easily without having your hands in Kola and your pockets full of grease stains. You just load the treats into the device, and at the right moment of reward, you press the trigger, so the dog gets the slice of treat he earned from the device. The device works great, for example, on stationary devices With Naturis dog sausages, but there are many possible uses.

Train'N'Treat is the size to easily fit in pockets, and it is easy to use even with gloves on. Your dog will quickly learn to love this chewer!

  • designed to make it easier to reward the dog for desired behavior
  • the device keeps your pockets, hands, bags and gloves clean
  • your hands stay safe from sharp teeth with more voracious eaters
  • the small and light device is easy to carry almost anywhere: the height is only 14 cm, so it fits in most pockets
  • sturdy dog ​​sausages (e.g. Naturis and Meat&Treat) and skinless kibbles are suitable for the device. You can also reward your pet with other soft treats: cheese, cucumber, banana or boiled carrot.
  • combines in a fun, neat and safe way offering a treat with a subtle clicking sound
  • designed and manufactured in Finland
  • made to last: the frame is StoraEnso biocomposite and the metal parts are stainless steel.
  • can be washed in the dishwasher
  • the device can fit a 10 cm x 2 cm slice of delicacy at a time, which the device cuts into 20 portions. Naturis sausages, for example, can be easily sliced ​​to this size.
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