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Etusivu / / Dragråtta's VIP Rubber Booties, 4 pcs

Dragråtta's VIP Rubber Booties, 4 pcs

Dragråtta's VIP Rubber Booties, 4 pcs

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Dragråtta's VIP rubber slippers: grip and durability for training in the cold, for trips or everyday life.

Dragråtta's VIP rubber slippers are made of flexible cut protection fabric with a durable rubber coating on top for maximum grip. VIP rubber slippers are intended for wet ground and offer up to 10x better grip compared to traditional canvas slippers.

The VIP rubber slippers have Dragråtta's VIP Universal - slippers wide and flexible Velcro tightening. The material is not quite as flexible due to the rubber coating, but it lasts and holds much better.

  • Sold in a package of 4
  • Due to the rubber coating, they don't get wet easily, so they are also perfect for dogs with e.g. foot ulcer, nail injury, paw bandage or furunculosis.
  • Due to the excellent friction, they are also suitable for e.g. working dogs or dogs afraid of slippery floors.
  • A very popular slipper with sled dogs to warm up during training: a slipper that is more wear-resistant than cloth slippers
  • Intended specifically for melted ground: in frost/ice/snow, this rubber slipper is slippery. 
  • Quite narrow and tall in design. Therefore, it is best suited for long-legged breeds.

Determining the size of the Dragråtta VIP rubber slipper

Measure the circumference of your dog's paw from the widest point, so that the dog is standing (that is, there is weight on the paw). Divide this measurement by two and compare to the width of the slipper. In borderline cases, choose a slipper that is too loose rather than tight (the dog's paw must have room to expand when stepping). If there is a significant size difference between your dog's front and back paws, you should get two sets of different sizes.

Size The width of the slipper without stretching
A slipper
Example breeds
(indicative, always measure your dog's paws)
(pink border)

6 cm

11 cm sheltie, whippet
(red border)

7.5 cm

13.5 cm border collie, vizla, greyster bitch, husky
(yellow border)

8.5 cm

14 cm Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd
(blue border)

9 cm

16 cm German shepherd, large male standing

Surface material

The surface material of Dragråtta's rubber slippers is flexible rubber. Due to the manufacturing technique, the slipper's rubber coating may have small irregularities in some places (a small point-like hole in the rubber surface).

The rubber on the surface provides excellent grip on wet ground. The model is not recommended for snowy and icy ground, as it is slippery in cold weather - like the surface of a rubber boot.

If you're also looking for a rubber slipper suitable for winter wear, it's worth checking out For Non-stop dogwear Protector Bootie slippers .

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Santtu Holopainen

Hyvä istuvuus, heleppo pukea ja pyssyy takajaloissaki.
Mutta ei oo tehty kestämään ainakaa kaupunkioloissa.
Parin päivän käytön jäläkeen pinnote rikkoutu ja alako kuoriutumaan tossun päältä. Toimii ehkä paremmin olosuhteissa missä ei oo hiekotusta tai asvaltia.

Charlotta Sontag
Hyvät tossut

Pysyy hyvin. Ja suojaa hyvin tassuja. Ainoa huono asia on että etutassuille hieman lyhyet tahtoo jäädä juuri kannuskynnen kohdalle.

Airi Löfman
Hyvät töppöset

Nyt löytyi wipukan tassuihin Hyvät töppöset (XS-koko). Pysyy jaloissa ja hiekoitus sepeli ei enää pistele tassuja. Toimitus oli tosi nopeaa postilaatikkoon, kiitos siitä :)

Hinta- laatusuhde hyvä

Hyvät tossut, pysyy jalassa, hyvä pito. Koira liikku näillä hyvin.

Tiina Koponen
Tossut -Barmark Rubber Booties

Ihan super hyvät muuten,mutta iso miinus siitä kun on liian lyhkäiset. Jää ikävästi hiertämään taka-anturaa.