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WAW Sport Speed ​​Leash

WAW Sport Speed ​​Leash

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WAW Sport Speed ​​is a strong leash with an elastic part and two hand loops!

WAW Sport Speed ​​is an excellent choice as a leash when a strong dog needs to be kept close under good control, for example in situations where there are a lot of passers-by. Perfectly suitable also for sled dogs, so-called as a "pit cloth" when an eager dog is led to the starting line and a short, control-retaining cloth is needed, which nevertheless dampens the dog's jerks.

The Sport Speed ​​has a pleasant soft material, large (glove-fitting) hand loops on both ends and a strong pistol lock.

  • Length 128 cm
  • Weight L 150 g, XL 174 g, XXL 200 g
  • The width of the tape is approx. 30 mm
  • Hand leash also close to the dog
  • The elastic part is WAW Sport , which does not cause yo-yoing but still dampens jerks: control is maintained but the strain on both the dog's and the handler's body is reduced

WAW Sport Speed ​​size selection

The stiffness of the elastic part varies in different sizes. The strap itself is the same in all sizes.

The table below gives direction for choosing the stiffness of the spring. For a mostly calm dog and/or one on a collar, it is better to choose a smaller, i.e. slightly more sensitive, flexible size. For a dog that often paces and/or is in a harness, you can choose a sturdier one.

Size The weight of the dog is approx
L 20-40 kg
XL 25-50 kg
XXL 40-80 kg
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