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Kostka E-Tour Max (E3)

Kostka E-Tour Max (E3)

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Kostka E-Tour Max is a smart and top-quality electric scooter made in the Czech Republic. Kicking has never been so effortless and light!

The E-Tour Max's system is based on sensors located in the hub of the rear tire. These sensors detect the kicker's movement and adjust the assist's operation accordingly. Whether you want to ride faster or slower, the kickboard adapts to your needs. Awesome!

Three different driving settings - lots of possibilities

E-Tour has three different assistance programs, which you can manage and modify with the mobile application if you wish:

  • PEDELEC: the so-called walking mode. If your speed falls below brisk walking speed, the kickboard will assist you. This way you can easily keep up with, for example, a walking party. The speed assistance in this setting works up to a speed of 25 km/h.
  • FUN. Have fun cruising. Keeps the speed you last reached for the time you set. In Fun mode, the maximum speed of the kickboard is 20 km/h.
  • OFF. With the assistance off, you can move on the kickboard with your own muscle power - just like with normal kickboards.

No annoying bugs

With the E-Tour you don't have to worry about cables. In the E-Tour's unique system, all technology (including sensors and batteries) is placed in an electronic rear hub with a power of 250W.

Safe and stable to drive

High-quality parts and pleasant geometry make the E-Tour very comfortable to drive. The big front tire rolls nicely even on cobblestones, for example. The long step board comfortably fits both feet, and the metal roughening of the step board prevents slipping.

You can find a more detailed parts list and technical information in the product images. Kostka scooters are available as an add-on, e.g. stand, mudguards and rear light (frame integration ready).

Management with a mobile application

Driving the E-Tour does not require a smartphone, but its settings can be modified with a phone application if you wish. Via the Bluetooth connection, you can e.g. to check your speed, location and distance traveled. Through the application, it is also possible to adjust:

  • aid intensity
  • the beginning of the grant
  • braking intensity from high speeds (more than 30 km/h speed)
  • engine LED lights

Management with BT controller

You can also change the settings of the E-tour while driving by purchasing a separately sold Bluetooth controller , which you can easily attach to the handlebar.

Charging and usage time

You can fully charge the battery in about two hours (2A charger). The battery life is about 1000 charge cycles.

With one charge, the assistance is enough for a distance of about 50 kilometers. Of course, this is also influenced by the speed, the steepness of the route and the user's weight.

A light kickboard with a good carrying capacity

The E-Tour weighs only 12.4 kg. The user's weight limit is 120 kg.

Electronic "lock"

In E-Tour, it is possible to prevent unauthorized use via the mobile application. In this case, the motor brakes, preventing the normal movement of the kickboard by pedaling or kicking. You will also receive an alert about unauthorized movement through the application. This gives good protection to your kickboard. Please note, however, that the application does not replace physical locking.

Kostka's delivery

  • Kostkat is mainly delivered by customer order from the manufacturer's warehouse in the Czech Republic.
  • Estimated delivery time: about 1.5-2 weeks from the time of order. Please note that, especially during the high season, the availability of scooters may be lower and delays are possible. If you want to confirm the delivery time estimate, contact us at If there is an exceptional delay in delivery, we will contact the customer as soon as possible.
  • Kostka scooters are delivered by GLS to the nearest Posti collection point. Delivered in a box approx. 90% assembled, handlebar turned and wheels removed.
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