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Leuchtie Plus light collar

Leuchtie Plus light collar

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Leuchtie is an innovative, long-lasting and very easy-to-use LED light band. Completely waterproof!

The Leuchtie Plus model has five bright LEDs that burn brightly and evenly. So no annoying flashing. Also popular with working dogs, the light collar made in Germany is very durable and completely waterproof. A clever automatic function, with which the light comes on when the collar is on the dog's neck (i.e. the battery part is down) but turns off automatically when the collar is removed.

Why choose Leuchtie Plus?

  • Very bright
  • Visible in all directions thanks to five LED lights
  • Easy to use: unique automatic on-off switch sensor
  • Durable and reliable
  • Made in Germany with high quality
  • Long burning time, up to 100 h (with one pair of AAA batteries). Most of them have one battery that lasts the whole dark season, even more than a year.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Leuchtie is not disposable, it is durable and spare parts are available!
  • attention light preferred by working and official dogs: withstands even demanding use

Using the Leuchtie light collar

Using the Leuchtie light bracelet is easy; the collar is in the OFF state when the battery part is up and in the ON state when the battery part is turned down. The operating idea is based on the automatic ON-OFF switch inside the battery compartment. So there are no extra switches in the light collar and there is no need to open it unnecessarily. The OFF mode comes into use when the battery part of the collar has been facing up for about 1 minute.

The Leuchtie light collar is 100% waterproof, so the dog can even swim with the collar on. It is made in Germany from a material that repels moisture and dirt.


The Leuchtie Plus light band works with two AAA batteries and the operating time with one pair of batteries is up to 100 hours. When the light band starts to dim, you have to change the batteries and this way the band shines brightly again.

The choice of the color of the lights

All Leuchtie collars, regardless of the shade, are excellently visible in low light and in the dark, so you can choose the color that suits you the most without any worries!

However, a darker-colored plastic shell tints the bright light of the LEDs somewhat more than a transparent or light-colored plastic shell. So when Choosing a color, it may be good to take these points into account:

  • If your dog walks close to you most of the time and has short fur, a slightly less bright/warm shade may be more pleasing to your own eyes in the dark. Such colors are, for example, red, orange, pink and yellow.
  • If your dog often runs free and further away from you or has long hair, you may want to maximize the brightness of the light. The brightest colors are cold tones such as lavender with transparent plastic, turquoise, neon green and white.

Choosing the size of the Leuchtie light band

The Leuchtie light collar is placed on the dog by stringing it over the head. Thus, the selection of the size is made according to the circumference of the head, not the neck.

  • Measure the tight circumference of the widest part of the dog's head, usually in front of the ears. See the model in the image below.
  • Choose the Leuchtie size closest to this measurement. If your dog is between sizes, you should usually choose a smaller size.

If your dog's ears are not particularly large and protruding, you should not take them into account when choosing the size of Leuchtie. The size of the Leuchti should be small enough that the collar does not fall over the ears on its own even if the dog sniffs the ground.

The collar comes with a fastening loop, with which Leuchtien can be attached to a regular collar or harness as a safety measure if desired. This is a good thing to do, especially if you buy a Leuchtie with room for growth for a young dog.

Below you can see an indicative table with example breeds. If at all possible, always measure the dog in question before ordering, as there are differences between individuals.

Model Size Example user
Leuchtie Mini 25 and 27.5 chihuahua

30 and 32.5 parson, sheltie
Leuchtie Plus
35 / 37.5 whippet, fox terrier, (small) lagotto

40 / 42.5 border collie, spaniels, spanish water dog

45 / 47.5 Dalmatian, Setter, German Shepherd, Labrador

50 / 52.5 golden retriever, german shepherd, (big) labrador

55 / 57.5 hovawart, rhodesian dog

60 Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Sammaripojalle valopanta

    Oikein toimiva ja ennen kaikkea helppokäyttöinen! Kokemuksen pohjalta suosittelen ottamaan yhden tai kaksi kokoa isomman mikäli koiralla on paljon karvaa kaulurissa.


    Hintansa arvoinen, todella hyvä panta, mukava lenkkeillä kun näkyy pimeässä. Kultaisellenoutajalle meni koko 50, ja pysyy hyvin.

    Rita Nygård
    Toimiva valopanta

    Helppo käyttää, toimii varmasti, näkyy sopivasti (ei häikäise), toimii kaupoista löytyvillä normipattereilla, ei sammu yllättäen eikä vilku ärsyttävästi, kestää noutajan uimisetkin ja kestää sukupolvelta toiselle. Parasta vaivattomuus käytössä: ota naulasta ja laita kaulaan 》 se syttyy. Ota kaulasta ja laita naulaan 》 se sammuu.


    Kirkas ja oikein hyvä valopanta. Ei ole sellainen ohut kripsu, mitä yleensä myydään. Näkyy hyvin pidemmänkin karvan välistä. Oikealla mitoituksella ei tipu kaulasta esim haistellessa! On kyllä hintansa väärti!

    Kirkas ja toimiva

    Todella hyvin valaiseva panta. Plussaa on off toiminnosta. Panta on myös yllättävänkin kevyt. Lilan värinen näkyy hyvin. Olen erittäin tyytyväinen tähän pantaan.