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Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash

Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash

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The Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash offers comfort and top quality for both you and your dog. Fully flexible cloth that also has a handle.

A flexible bungee line is an absolute must-have for pulling sports, but it is also an excellent shock absorber for everyday outdoor activities and hikes. The Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash is made of a flexible core material that absorbs sudden jerks very well, and a sturdy and durable outer shell.

  • The lock is a quick-to-use and reliable lightweight aluminum carabiner with a twistlock gate. Twistlock opens by turning the gate 90 degrees, and locked automatically. In this way, the lock cannot be opened accidentally under any circumstances.
  • The lock is very light and durable, so it is suitable for dogs of all sizes.
  • The cloth is elastic all the way: the elastic is stiffer at the ends than in the middle of the cloth
  • Bungee Leash's elasticity is high-quality and snappy: it is best suited for people weighing around 15 kilograms and up. For small dogs that don't pull so strongly, you can find the Non-stop dogwear Touring Bungee Leash, which is less stiff and only partially elastic.
  • The Non-Stop Bungee Leash maintains good elasticity for a very long time. However, remember to check the condition of your bungee line regularly.

Choose the length according to the purpose of use

  • The 2 meter long pull rope is ideal for canicrosss and walks (meets the requirements of canicross competitions).
  • The 2.8 meter long Bungee Leash is a better choice for dog cycling, skijoring and pulling with a Kickbike (suitable for competitive use in those sports). The 2.8 meter cloth is also a good choice for those who need a longer cloth for hiking. You should also consider a longer cloth if you run on the trails with your dog. In canicrossning competitions, a 2.8 m cloth exceeds the requirements of the competition rules.

Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash dimensions

Size Length
without stretching
stretched out
Weight Species recommendation
2.0 m 115 cm 200 cm 122 g canicross
2.8 m 180 cm 280 cm 153 g skiing, cycling, kickbike, hiking, trail running
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