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Non-stop dogwear Touring Bungee Leash

Non-stop dogwear Touring Bungee Leash

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The Non-stop Touring Bungee Leash has an integrated elastic part that softens jerks. However, the leash is not completely flexible, so if you want, you can keep the dog close to you under good control.

Non-stop dogwear Touring Bungee is an excellent harness for e.g. camping, everyday outdoor activities and jogging. It is also suitable for pulling sports with smaller and/or only lightly pulling dogs. The strap comes in two different widths and three different lengths, so you can choose the most suitable cloth for your use.

The 23 mm wide version of the Non-stop Touring Bungee has a light and reliable screw gate and Twistlock lock that rotates with a cutter. The narrower 13 mm version has an even lighter screw-gate aluminum carabiner.

Features of the Non-stop Touring Bungee:

  • the integrated elastic part is placed close to the leash, so that the dog's side remains as light as possible and the leash does not bounce while walking
  • 3M reflective tapes ensure good visibility
  • light and reliable carabiner lock
  • Touring bungee is also suitable for pulling sports when you do not require strong elasticity from the pulling rope (small or only lightly pulling dogs). When engaging in pulling sports with stronger dogs, we recommend a very flexible pulling leash for the entire journey, e.g. Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash .

Non-stop Touring Bungee lengths:

  • 2.0 m (without stretching 1.5 m) - a suitable length, e.g. when the dog mostly walks next to you or runs ahead of you
  • 2.8 m (without stretching 2.1 m) - a suitable length, e.g. when the dog moves ahead of a skier or cyclist, also a popular length for trail running and camping
  • 3.8 m - suitable length for those who need a long cloth, e.g. for tracing or teaching the approach. With a long cloth, you can more easily allow the dog the freedom to explore in peace, e.g.

    Traildog's tip: If you are not sure about the right length for you, the 23 mm wide cloth of Touring Bungee also has a length-adjustable version , Non-stop Touring Bungee Adjustable .

    Non-stop Touring Bungee widths:

    • 13 mm wide: best suited for small dogs. The elastic part here flexes very sensitively, which means it is perfect for dogs weighing around 4–10 kg.
    • 23 mm wide: best suited for medium and large dogs. The elastic part is moderately snappy.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Todella hyvä hihna

    Tämä hihna on todella hyvä pienellä (6 kg) koiralla canicrossissa. Erittäin kevyt lukko ja myös itse hihna, joten ei häiritse pikku koiraa. Joustaa myös oikein hyvin, mutta ei ole mitenkään löysä venkula. Nonstop dogwearin laatu on ykkösluokkaa!

    Liina Linjama
    Hyvä hihna arkikäyttöön

    Hihna vastaa kuvausta, sopii hyvin arkikäyttöön ja on yllättävien nykäisyjen sattuessa joustavan osan ansiosta mukava niin koiralle kuin omistajallekin.

    Rosa Männistö

    Aivan täydellinen pienelle koiralle. Lukko on kevyt ja jousto tuntuu vahvalta.