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Rex Specs V2 Goggle

Rex Specs V2 Goggle

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Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles dog goggles take care of your dog's eyes!

Our dogs' eyes are constantly put to the test - dusty street dust, sharp branches in the forest or burning sunlight reflected from the spring wind - the eyes are prone to damage both suddenly and over time.

RexSpecs glasses protect your dog's eyes, for example:

  • from the sun's UV rays - especially necessary by the water, snow, fells and mountains
  • from dusty sand and dust
  • from sharp branches and twigs
  • from snow blindness
  • from wind and wind
  • during the treatment of eye injuries or diseases (e.g. pannus / chronic corneal inflammation and degeneration of the iris).

Excellent comfort and adjustability

Adjustable straps and frames of different sizes guarantee an excellent fit for all dogs. The glasses are always delivered with two lenses as standard, a clear and a darkened Smoke lens. Various spare lenses are available separately .

The wide, curved design of RexSpecs glasses lenses does not limit or distort the dog's field of vision. The frames focus on ventilation and are padded with foam to increase fit and comfort. The glasses stay well on the head even when going hard!

RexSpecs dog goggles with effective UV protection

Rex Specs dog goggles are designed to protect dogs' eyes in all situations, both preventively and as additional protection during recovery from an eye injury. Rex Specs goggles are also suitable for continuous use for dogs whose eye disease requires lifelong protection from UV rays.

All lenses, regardless of color, are UV400 rated and filter 99% of ultraviolet light. They are therefore suitable, for example, for dogs suffering from chronic keratitis (pannus). In addition, the lenses are made of highly durable polycarbonate and passed the ANSI Z87.1 impact test (tested L size).

Model V2 renewed in spring 2022: what's the difference to the previous one?

In spring -22, RexSpecs brought a renewed version to the market, which has completely replaced the previous model. This V2 version has:

  • improved fit
  • flatter design than before
  • an even wider field of vision for the dog

In the V2 version, the design of both frames and lenses is different from the Original version, so the new and old version with lenses are not cross-compatible.

Durability of Rex Specs lenses

The Rex Specs ins are made of very durable polycarbonate, so they withstand shocks perfectly. However, dogs don't know how to be careful with the lenses of the glasses, so they may become scratched over time. Small scratches do not prevent the use of the lenses. For Rex Specs glasses, you can also get plain lenses cheaply as a spare part, and they are easy to replace with frames. See here for additional lenses / spare lenses: Rex Specs V2 Lenses .

Rex Specs lens colors

Rex Specs V2 glasses always come with two lenses as standard: Clear and Smoke.

In addition, a wide selection of additional lenses is available separately. Different lenses let a different amount of light through, so choose the lens shade according to the purpose of use. All lenses have the same UV protection (99.9% UVA and UVB), even the clear ones.

See additional lenses here.

  • Clear - lets 92% of light through. Works in dark weather and as goggles for hunting dogs, for example. Scratches are the least visible on a clear lens. The UV protection here is the same as in colored lenses.
  • Smoke - lets 20% of light through. Excellent for clear weather.
  • Mirror lenses - different shades: the darkest shade Silver Mirror lets only 13% of the light through. Popular for e.g. boating or when moving in fells/mountains or for dogs with strong squinting.

Size selection of Rex Specs goggles

1. Measure the circumference of the muzzle in front of the dog's eyes, around the corners of the mouth, and compare to the size chart. This dimension is the most essential.

2. Measure the circumference of the head about two centimeters above the dog's eyes. If your dog's head circumference is clearly larger (e.g. X-Large dog over 50 cm), a leash extension piece may be necessary. See the product Rex Specs Strap Extender .

Size Around the muzzle Head circumference Breed examples
X-Small less than 15 cm less than 26 cm miniature poodle, pomeranian, miniature pinscher, papillon, dachshund, chihuahua (dogs over 3 kg)
Small 15-20 cm 26-30 cm medium poodle, jackrussel, Italian greyhound, whippet, miniature schnauzer
(straight model)
15-22 cm 30-38 cm model of short muzzled breeds (broad skull, short wide muzzle). e.g. pug, boston terrier, french bulldog, shihtzu, cavalier. See below for more information.
Medium 20-22 cm 30-35 cm large cocker spaniel, beagle, spaniel, lapdog, heeler, whippet, small aussie, breton
Large 22-29 cm 35-44 cm Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Staffie, Australian Shepherd, Doberman, German Shepherd
X-Large over 29 cm over 44 cm big german shepherd, rottweiler, malamute, great dane, big staff, bernese

Small-Wide version for short-nosed breeds

Size Small-Wide differs in shape from other sizes. So it is not an intermediate size between S and M sizes, but unlike all other sizes, the glasses are straight instead of curved. Small-Wide is suitable for dogs with a short muzzle and a wide skull, such as Boston Terriers and Frenchies. Even the Small-Wide model requires the dog to have a muzzle at least 3 cm long. If the skull of your short-nosed dog is more than 38 cm wide, choose an extension piece , do not size Large (for a short-nosed breed, the basic sizes are too curved). There are currently no mirror lenses available for the Small-Wide model.

Accustoming the dog to Rex Specs goggles

Goggles are probably new to your dog, so it's worth taking some time to practice. Getting used to it starts with just the frames (removing and attaching the lenses is easy). First, simply putting on and holding the frames is made a pleasant thing for the dog, for example with the help of treats. Only when the dog is used to holding the frames on its head, the lenses are attached to the frames. First, you should start with the clear transparent lenses that come with the glasses and only change to tinted lenses when the dog is used to the glasses.

Read more about the benefits of Rex Specs goggles in our blog article , and learn how to size, change lenses, and adjust glasses in the videos below.

How to size Rex Specs glasses

Fitting and adjusting Rex Specs glasses

Changing the lenses of Rex Specs glasses

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
P. Jylhä
Belggarille ķoko L juuri sopiva

Löytyi sopivat säädöt ja lasit pysyy vauhdissa mukana. Suojaa auringolta ja risuilta. Huippu lasit.

Anni L

Erinomaiset suoja-/aurinkolasit. Koirani antaa lasien olla päässä ja ne eivät menoa hidasta. Nämä ovat pelastaneet herkät silmät keväthankien kirkkaudessa keskustojen katupölyssä ja tuulien tuiverruksessa.
Small - koko oli sopiva BichonFrise nartulle(5kg).

Noora Martelin
Juuri sopivat

Juuri oikea koko (Large) tuli valittua belgi urokselle. Pysyy hyvin päässä kovemmassakin menossa.

Hyvät on!

Nopea ja hyvä palvelu, suositeltu koko (L) oli juuri oikea sakemanninartun päähän. Pysyy hyvin menossa mukana, hyvä tuote!

Erittäin hyvä ostos

Jos mietit mitkä lasit olisivat täydelliset suojaamaan koirasi silmiä auringonvalolta, hiekalta, roskilta, ötököiltä, vedeltä yms. niin suosittelen näitä rexspecsin laseja ehdottomasti!

Koiran näkökenttä pysyy täysin avoimena tämän ”laskettelulasimallin” myötä ja lasit istuvat hyvin koiralle kuin koiralle.

Me otettiin nämä käyttöön pyöräilyyn kleinspitzille ja kokotaulukko auttoi valitsemaan oikean koon (otettiin pienemmän ja isomman väliltä se isompi) ja lasit istuvat hyvin ja koira antaa niiden hienosti olla koko pyöräilyn ajan. Aivan super ostos ja edulliset vaihtolinssit ovat päräyttävän upeat!