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Rex Specs V2 Lenses

Rex Specs V2 Lenses

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Easily replaceable lenses for Rex Specs V2 dog sunglasses / goggles.

Rex Specs V2 replacement lenses that match Rex Specs V2 dog goggles as well as Small-Wide size Original frames.

  • If your dog doesn't have goggles yet, check out the product RexSpecs V2 Goggles .
  • If your dog's goggles are an Original model prior to the RexSpecs V2 version, see the product Rex Specs Replacement Lenses . NOTE: The Small-Wide size is an exception: this size has not been renewed and the lenses compatible with it can be found in this V2 lens product.
  • The V2 model of the glasses has entered the market in spring 2022. You can recognize the model by the RexSpecs text printed on the frames.
  • Please note that the lenses of the V2 version are not compatible with the previous Original frame version due to the different design (not including the Small-Wide size).

Take care of your dog's eyes with Rex Specs!

Glasses protect your dog's eyes, for example:

  • from dusty sand/dust
  • from sharp branches and twigs
  • from sunlight - on the snow, by the water, on the fells and in the mountains
  • from wind and wind
  • during the treatment of eye injuries or diseases.

Our dogs' eyes are constantly put to the test - dusty street dust, sharp branches in the forest or burning sunlight reflecting off the spring wind - the eyes are prone to sudden and over time damage.

Rex Specs dog goggles are designed to protect dogs' eyes in all situations, both preventively and as additional protection during recovery from an eye injury. All lenses are UV400 rated and filter 99% of ultraviolet light. They are therefore suitable, for example, for dogs suffering from chronic keratitis (pannus). In addition, the lenses are made of highly durable polycarbonate and passed the ANSI Z87.1 impact test (tested L size).

Rex Specs lens colors

Different lenses let a different amount of light through, so choose the lens shade according to the purpose of use. All lenses have the same UV protection (99.9% UVA and UVB), even the clear ones.

  • Clear - lets 92% of light through. Works in dark weather and as goggles for, for example, hunting dogs. Scratches are the least visible on a clear lens. The UV protection here is the same as in colored lenses.
  • Yellow - lets 87% of light through.
  • Smoke and Red Mirror - lets 20% of light through. Excellent for clear weather.
  • Blue Mirror and Green Mirror - lets 15% of light through. Excellent for clear weather.
  • Silver Mirror - lets 13% of light through. The darkest lens option. Suitable for the sunniest conditions, e.g. fells and by the water. A popular choice for dogs that squint strongly in bright weather.

RexSpecs lens durability

The lenses are made of very durable polycarbonate, so they withstand shocks perfectly. However, dogs don't know how to be careful with the lenses of the glasses, so they may become scratched over time. Small scratches do not prevent the use of lenses, because dogs

Changing lenses to frames is done in the blink of an eye

Rex Specs frames are very flexible plastic, so they can be bent quite a bit. You can remove the frames from the lenses by grabbing the top and bottom of the frames and pulling them further apart.

The easiest way to get the lenses back is to start from the bottom part. Place the lens in the slot in the frame so that the small holes in the lenses fit into the barbs in the frame and firmly press the frame to the lenses from other places as well. You can find a video on changing the lenses in the product images.

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