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Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack

Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack

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The Ruffwear Front Range Daypack is suitable for both day trips and overnight adventures.

Underneath the Front Range Day Pack is an ergonomic Y-shaped harness (the bags are not removable). Its uniform wide chest piece reduces the swaying of the harness/backpack on the dog and also makes assisting the dog in the terrain more comfortable.

The Front Range backpack has several attachment options for the leash, also in the front chest for draft resistance. This can be useful, for example, when crossing more challenging points on excursions with an attractive dog.

The Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack is an excellent choice if you want a light backpack for your dog, which is not unnecessarily large for day trips, but which can still hold things for longer adventures if necessary.

Features of the Front Range Day Pack

  • Very high-quality, wear-resistant materials
  • Very light in weight
  • A well-padded handle on the back, if you can help the dog if necessary
  • Three attachment points for the strap: on the back, a metal one in the front and a fabric one in the back, and one in the front on the chest
  • Mesh pockets inside the bags
  • Reflectors
  • The fasteners under the bags prevent the bags from swinging
  • If you want a version of the backpack with bags that can be removed from the harness and the volume of the bags can be adjusted, check out For Ruffwear Palisades Pack .

Ruffwear Front Range Day P ack dog backpack size selection

First, measure your dog's chest (from the widest point behind the front legs). After that, compare the other measurements of that size given in the table with your dog.

  • The transverse chest strap can be tightened even smaller, the maximum length is mentioned in the table (dog's chest circumference).
  • You should especially check that the length of the longitudinal chest strap is sufficient, so that the transverse chest strap does not rub the back of the armpits.
  • From the length of the back, you can see how far the back belly strap extends
Size Chest girth of the dog The length of the back of the backpack Around the neck of the backpack approx. Chest piece
length (between front legs)
Backpack weight Volume Race-
XS 43-56 cm 20 cm 33–43 cm 21 cm 320 g 4.5 liters fox terrier
S 56–69 cm 24 cm 44–60 cm 26 cm 430 g 8 liters Breton
M 69–81 cm 26 cm 44–60 cm 31 cm 480 g 10.5 liters Labrador, Belgian
L/XL 81–107 cm 32 cm 56–82 cm 33 cm 610 g 18.5 liters german shepherd, malamute, large standing male
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