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VIP Universal Booties, 4 pcs

VIP Universal Booties, 4 pcs

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VIP Universal slippers protect the dog's paws even in demanding conditions: frost, snow, ice.

The slippers are made of durable material also used in work gloves, so they are very durable for light fabric slippers. VIP Universal slippers are mainly intended for use in snowy weather.

Universal slippers are seamless and the material is flexible. The elastic, 25 mm wide velcro fastening on the slippers keeps them securely in place. Sold in a package of 4 pieces. The slippers are available in four different sizes.

  • previously sold as: Dragråttan Universal VIP
  • seamless construction
  • material is flexible but strong fabric
  • flexible, 25 mm wide velcro tightening holds the slippers perfectly in place
  • sold in a package of 4 pieces
  • a longer version of the same slipper is also available: VIP Universal Long
  • mainly intended for use in snowy weather, the durability of use on melted ground or e.g. sanded surfaces is naturally clearly shorter. There is a separate rubber covered version of the Universal slippers for the cold ground.
  • Durability is also affected by the type of exercise. In steady running (such as with sled dogs), the slippers usually last longer than in exercise where the dog makes quick changes of speed and direction. In any case, slippers are consumables.
  • Mainly, this model works great in snow conditions. However, the material is breathable and porous, so when the snow is very dry and light frosty snow, it can penetrate through the fabric into the slipper in some rare conditions.
  • NOTE: If you notice that the end of the velcro becomes frayed/frayed during use, you should immediately cut it with a new clean cutting surface and burn the end.

Determining the correct size of slippers

Measure the circumference of your dog's paw from the widest point, so that the dog is standing (that is, there is weight on the paw). Divide this measurement by two and compare to the width of the slippers. In borderline cases, choose a wider slipper (the dog's paw must have room to expand when stepping). Tip: if you don't have a flexible measuring tape, use e.g. a string and a normal ruler to measure the circumference of your dog's paw.

Renewal of sizes and color codes 12/2023

The manufacturer has introduced a new intermediate size, i.e. S, between the former XS size (pink) and S/M size (red). At the same time, the color code of the XS size changed from pink to white. The old S/M size now corresponds to the M size (both with red edges). The new slippers are squarer at the tip.

All the new slippers are squarer at the toe than the old ones, and the width can also differ to a greater extent.

Size A slipper
A slipper
Example breeds
(indicative, always measure your dog's paws)
(white border)
6 cm 10.5 cm approx. 8-14 g dogs:
sheltie, cocker spaniel, whippet
(pink border)
new intermediate size
7 cm 12 cm approx. 15-20 kg dogs:
Breton, Lagotto
(red border)

8 cm

13 cm

(red border)
8 cm 13.5 cm approx. 18-25 kg dogs: border collie, vizla, greyster, husky, driving dog
(yellow border)

9 cm

14.5 cm

approx. 26-35 kg dogs:
big husky, retrievers, German shepherd German stands
(blue border)

10.5 cm

15.5 cm

approx. 35-45 kg dogs: large German shepherd, large male stallion

If you want an even more wear-resistant bootie, better grip and water resistance, you should check out the rubber-coated booties: VIP B armark Rubber or Non-stop dogwear Protector Booties .

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Aivan loistavat tossut liikkuvalle ja rotevalle labbikselle. Estävät hiekoitussepelin yms. menon varpaiden väliin ja pysyvät hyvin tassuissa.

Airi Löfman
Huippu Hyvät tossut

Tossut wihippetien käytössä, sopiva koko XS. Käyvät hyvin lumelle ja pakkaselle, hyvät myös jäisille teille. Helppo laittaa ja pysyvät hyvin jalassa. Suosittelen!


Monia tossuja on kokeiltu ja muutaman päivän kokemuksen pohjalta nämä tuntuvat todella toimivilta. Riittävän ohuet ja pysyvät hyvin jalassa. Nopea toimitus.

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M kokoiset juuri sopivat collielle. Kevyet, koira liikkuu näillä hyvin. Pysyy paikoillaan. Ei kovin liukkaat. Ainut huono puoli on että kuluu suht nopeasti jäisissä olosuhteissa. Lumessa loistavia.