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Etusivu / / Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt 2.0

Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt 2.0

Non-stop dogwear CaniX Belt 2.0

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Pull belt selection guide

2024 updated version of the super popular Non-stop CaniX Belt: suitable for both canicrossning and hiking with a pack.

The 2.0 version of the CaniX Belt has a zippered back pocket as a new feature. In addition, the fastening buckles in the front have changed from quick-release buckles to threaded ones.

In the very popular CaniX Belt, the dog's pull is directed at the human pelvis at the height of the buttocks. Thanks to this, the middle body / back does not sag, and your own position remains balanced, even if there is a strong dog pulling.

The CaniX Belt therefore gives the runner (or walker) excellent support and "lift" thanks to the traction point located below. The difference between the so-called to the more traditional Canicross belt models is remarkable!

CaniX also has a completely free-moving strap attachment point: so the strap won't roll around on you even if the dog pulls sideways.

The structure of the CaniX Belt and the low traction point ensure the well-being of your back and help you maintain the right running technique. This is important not only for your health but also for your performance. With the CaniX Belt, the step becomes considerably lighter compared to belts where the pull comes higher at the hips.

CaniX is manufactured to meet all competition regulations and has been developed in collaboration with the best canicrossners in the world for canicrossners of all levels.

In addition to running, CaniX is also excellent for everyday outdoor activities, camping and hiking. Thanks to the light flat materials and the lower strap attachment point, it is also suitable for use with trunks and backpacks at the same time.

Features of the Non-stop CaniX Belt 2.0 Canicross belt

  • CaniX Belt 2.0 weighs only 280 grams and is almost invisible when worn
  • The belt's breathable material makes the CaniX Belt comfortable to wear in all temperatures.
  • The buckle for attaching the drawcord of the CaniX belt can slide sideways on the front of the belt. Thanks to this, the belt does not start to twist on the user when running around corners or even if the dog pulls to the side, e.g. when hiking.
  • Very versatile adjustment possibilities
  • A zippered pocket on the back of the belt, where you can find keys and poop bags, for example.
  • The belt has an aluminum safety carabiner lock (tensile strength 4 kN), to which it is easy to attach a pull cord.
  • If you want to participate in dog sledding competitions with a CaniX Belt, you must replace the carabiner lock with a so-called panic hook, e.g. Non-stop Quick Release Snap Hook . Changing the lock is easy.

Non-stop CaniX Belt 2.0 Canicross belt size selection

The CaniX Belt is fully adjustable and is available in three different sizes.

The belt is more comfortable to wear if the lower, wider back part* that comes to the height of the buttocks is enough to come a little to the side of the front thighs and therefore does not end on the side right at the hip bones. So look at the measurement table for the width of the lower back, and model it for yourself.

When choosing the size, you should also take into account whether you plan to wear the belt with thicker clothes in winter as well. In borderline cases, it is usually better to choose a larger size: the tightening possibilities in CaniX are excellent.

Hip belt
(from hip height)
*Lower back
User reference weight
45–90 cm
60 cm
40–60 kg
Also suitable for children/juniors
60–115 cm
70 cm
60–90 kg
The most common adult size
L 80–125 cm 80 cm 80+ kg
General adult size, especially for slightly wider people

Is the Non-stop CaniX Belt also suitable for skijoring?

Yes, you can also ski with CaniX! In practice, however, CaniX's lower pull point, i.e. the lower transverse strap, somewhat limits the effective side kick of skate skiing, so if you are a very active skijoring enthusiast, you may want to choose a belt for skiing where the cloth attaches higher, at about the height of your hip bones. Such belts are, for example , the Non-stop Trekking Belt and the Non-stop Loype Belt .

You can familiarize yourself with the different Canicross belt models on Traildog's Canicross belt selection guide page and you can read more about canicrossning as a sport here .

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