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Kainpo Combi PLUS bike antenna

Kainpo Combi PLUS bike antenna

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Bike Antenna selection guide

The Kainpo Combi PLUS bike antenna is suitable for sled dog sports as well as for running the dog next to the bike.

The bike antenna prevents the leash from getting tangled in the front tire during dog cycling and frees your hands from holding the string. Combi Pus is perfectly suited for the hobby of pulling, but it is the only one of the pulling adapters that is specially designed for running the dog on the side. The position of the spring can be easily changed to suit the purpose of use, i.e. to the front or to the side, without tools.

Combi Plus can be installed on a bicycle, a Kickbike scooter and a Kickspark kicksled.

The Combi PLUS model has a reinforced spring (compared to the Kainpo Universal model) so that it is even easier to control the dog when running on the side. The strong spring of the Combi Plus adapter makes progress safe even with a larger dog. Equipped with a strong spring, the Combi PLUS is therefore especially the choice of runners on the side and those who exercise with strong dogs!

In the Combi Plus adapter, the pull cord/strap can also pass through the coiled part of the spring, and when it becomes loose, it can hardly hang at all.

If you use the Combi Plus adapter in the side position, it is recommended to use a flexible short cord with it, i.e. Kainpo Raviliina .

Combi Plus adapter technical data

  • The spring can be turned to both sides without tools.
  • The spring can be removed with a 4mm hex key
  • The entire springy stem part can also be removed without tools
  • The spring has a strength of 5 mm
  • Includes two mounting straps, 54 mm and 38 mm, so that the adapter can be mounted on different sized frames*. A narrower strap is suitable for the Kickspark sled .
  • Weight 770 grams
  • Entirely designed and manufactured in Finland!

*If your bike has a thick frame (most modern mountain bikes and fatbikes), you should check out the Inlandsis Bikejor Max UL bike antenna . Alternatively, you can install the Combi Plus adapter around the neck tube of the bike using Kainpo's nylon sleeve .

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carita vihervuori
Kainpo Combi PLUS -vetoadapteri

Toimii hyvin Kickbikessa, loistavaa että saa käännettyä sivulle tai eteen.