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Etusivu / / Pro Dogger Bicycle leash holder

Pro Dogger Bicycle leash holder

Pro Dogger Bicycle leash holder

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Bike Antenna selection guide

Pro Dogger is a traditional side running dog stand or "springer" that can be mounted on a bicycle.

When the dog is attached to the Pro Dogger holder, it stays at a safe distance from the bike, does not get tangled in the leash for a long time, and best of all, the cyclist has both hands free to hold the handlebars. Pro Dogger's spring dampens the jerks of the dog, making cycling safer and also more pleasant.

  • The side running rack is suitable for use with most traditional bike models (hybrids, city bikes, etc.)
  • Mounted around the seat tube.
  • Can be installed on either side of the bike and its height can be adjusted to three different positions depending on the size of the dog.
  • The weight of the fastening part is 566 grams, the total weight is 1700 grams.
  • The spring part detaches from the bracket part with a cotter pin, without tools.
  • NOTE The yellow string shown in the picture is not included. Any light, durable, suitably short string with a maximum thickness of 5 mm is suitable for fastening.

The side running stand is best suited for the so-called for everyday cycling and walking the dog even on busy routes.

In dog cycling (bikejoring) a forward bike antenna and elastic sling are used. Read more about cycling with a dog and equipment from our species introduction page .

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