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Etusivu / / Signé LP S/Line PRO Bike Antenna

Signé LP S/Line PRO Bike Antenna

Signé LP S/Line PRO Bike Antenna

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Bike Antenna selection guide

Signé S/Line Pro is a light tow adapter, from which the spring part comes off super easily thanks to the quick release. Installation around the neck tube of a bike or skateboard.

The S/Line Pro bike antenna is especially suitable for those who want the antenna to be easily and quickly removed from the bike when it is not needed. When the mounting part is in place on the bike, no tools are needed to remove or put back the antenna.

The S/Line Pro is also very light - the mounting part weighs only 32 grams, and with the antenna just over 200 g in total! Plus, it's available in several gorgeous colors.

  • The antenna detaches from the mounting part by pulling the quick-release nut - super easy!
  • Reinstalling is also just as easy and fast: you just press the antenna back into the mounting part, and release the quick-locking nut, and the spring locks back into place.
  • When installing the bike antenna, there must be at least 10 mm of space under or on top of the handlebar.
  • Suitable for neck tubes with a diameter of 1 1/8" i.e. 28.6 mm (most modern bikes). Note, so check the diameter of the neck tube of your bike. Do not confuse this measurement with the diameter of the riser pieces. The bracket is installed instead of the riser piece around the neck tube, so not around the riser piece.
  • When the mounting part is in place, no tools are needed to remove or put back the antenna.
  • Super light - only 206 g
  • If you want to conveniently change the same spring from one bike to another, the S/Line Prohon also has an additional bracket available separately: S/Line Pro Mount Only .
  • Available in the wonderful colors orange, pink, green, purple and of course black.
  • Please remember that, as with other bike antennas, the bungee is fixed together with this antenna firmly around the frame of the bike, so never to the loop at the end of the spring.
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