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Inlandis Bikejor Max UL bike antenna

Inlandis Bikejor Max UL bike antenna

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Bike Antenna selection guide

The Inlandsis Bikejor Max UL bike antenna keeps the bungee away from the bike's front tire when the belt loosens and fits the frames of most modern mountain bikes.

Due to its design, the mounting part of the Inlandsis Bikejor adapter fits many modern bike frames (note, not Kickbike scooters). The strap is rubber-coated and long enough for most modern mountain bikes/fatbikes. The handle of the adapter is easy to attach by twisting without tools, i.e. the handle can be removed quickly e.g. for transport/storage or when you go for a walk without the dog.

  • A stem made of anodized aluminum that follows the dog's movements and prevents the bungee from getting tangled in the front tire
  • The frame mount is easy to install just by tightening two nuts. After installation, the antenna alone can be removed from the frame mount quickly without tools.
  • Weight 360 grams
  • Size of the mounting part: inner width 70 mm, inner length 175 mm (can be cut shorter if necessary). If you wish, you can also purchase a second or shorter U-bolt separately.
  • The black mounting part is plastic, so it is relatively gentle on the paint surface of the bike frame (e.g. compared to metal)
  • If you want, you can also get another Inlandis Bikejor Max Additional Mount bracket if you want to change the same spring quickly from one bike to another.
  • The ring at the end of the antenna is not welded but has a 1mm gap. For this reason, the pull cloth should be at least a few millimeters thick at that point, so that the cloth cannot slip out of the gap under any circumstances. A leash that is very compatible with this adapter is e.g. Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash .
  • NOTE! The tow rope is attached around the frame of the bike, not directly to the tow adapter!
  • Due to the width of the bracket and the U-bolt, the Inlandis Bikejor MAX UL does not optimally tighten around the frame of the Kickbike scooters. Also not compatible with Kainpo Nylonholk. With Kickbike, we recommend other adapter options.

In the attached video, you can see how to install the Inlandis Bikejor Max UL. (The video shows a shorter version of the U-bolt).

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Toimiva tuote

Melko massiivinen varsi/lenkki. Pysyy hyvin paikallaan ja nostaa liinan nopeasti ylös. Kiinnitys helppo ja juuri sopiva maastopyörän runkoon.